What Will Merida Bring To 'OUAT'?

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of Once Upon A Time Season 5 is the addition to Brave 's flame-haired heroine Merida, who we'll get to meet in Camelot on the journey to find Merlin. What she's doing there and what's been happening since the events of Brave is very much still up in the air, but we do know a few things about the character as she'll exist within the Once universe thus far. For one thing, Merida will come into contact with new Dark One Emma in the Enchanted Forest before she ever meets the Storybrooke crew. When she does meet them, she'll connect most with Belle, and the pair will share a long overdue adventure together. All of this is intriguing and makes Merida's arrival something to look forward to, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions left hanging about her part in the show's upcoming storylines.

Given how short-lived the addition of beloved Frozen characters Anna and Elsa was to Season 4, my general feeling is that Merida won't be around beyond Season 5, which is fair enough. It's an amazing opportunity to bring a new character into the series, however temporarily, who not only has her own history, but can further the plots and character development of those unique to the Once universe. But seriously, there's still so much more I need to know (and that I'm too impatient to wait until Sept. 27 for) about her arrival.

What Will Merida's Meeting With Emma Be Like?

Things are a little wonky with the timeline next season, given that at some point, Dark One Emma will have a mentor in Rumplestiltskin when HE was the Dark One. Confused yet? Time travel is meant to be close to impossible on Once, and yet at some point, Emma hops backwards in time. Is that when she meets Merida? Do they get along? Does Merida have to shoo her off with her excellent archery skills? So many questions!

What Brings Merida To Camelot/The Enchanted Forest?

Given that Merida is from the Scottish Highlands, she's traveled a long way — including to a different realm — to find herself in Camelot. How did she get there? When did she get there, and why? What is she doing there?

Will She Be The One To Lead The Storybrooke Crew To Merlin?

Merida is pretty brave and incredibly resourceful, so she may be the perfect guide to lead Regina, Henry, the Charmings, Hook and Co. to Merlin, who will hopefully help them restore Emma to her former Savior self. If my prediction that King Arthur is not that great of a guy, Merida's knowledge of Camelot could definitely come in handy.

Will Merida Come Back To Storybrooke?

I'm wondering if someone tossed Merida in Camelot, rather than it being a trip she willingly took. If that's true, wouldn't she want to return to the "real world", perhaps so she could go back to the Scottish Highlands to see her family and friends? Even if the character doesn't stay on the show, she could still hitch a cross-realm ride.

What's The Big Adventure Merida Will Have With Belle?

We know Belle and Merida are going to be BFF, but why them? Belle is great and I'm really glad she's finally getting a storyline that has nothing to do with Rumple, but I'm super curious to know about what brings these two together more than any others. I can't wait to see it!

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