Olivia Munn & Aaron Rogers Are Dubsmash Champs

Olivia Munn is a talented actress who most recently starred in Aaron Sorkin's HBO series The Newsroom. Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers NFL team. But together, Munn and Rodgers are in love — and they've produced some adorable Dubsmashes, making them a serious contender for cutest couple ever. In a series of Instagram videos posted over the weekend, Munn and Rodgers Dubsmash classic quotes from movies like The Princess Bride and Training Day, and also lip sync to hit 90s tunes by Boyz II Men, Sarah McLachlan,and Mariah Carey. And the results are so much fun!

Munn and Rodgers met and started dating last spring and their romance sounds like it's still going strong. "Aaron is different than every other man I've ever met," Munn told Good Housekeeping in this month's issue of the magazine. "There's so much I could say. Everything a good person can be, he is." Rodgers told ESPN Wisconsin that he's also happy and in love with Munn, despite all the tabloid attention that comes with a high-profile relationship. "For one, I'm real happy in my relationship," he said. "And I understand what comes with it. And two, the last couple years I've learned a lot about perspective and what's important. And, that you cannot, when you've had success individually and collectively as a team and you are highlighted for the things you've done on the field and off the field, you cannot hide from the spotlight. You have to learn to embrace it."

And they're definitely embracing it. Check out their super fun and hilarious Dubsmashes below.

The Princess Bride — "You Never Had It So Good!"

Cuddling together, Munn and Rodgers Dubsmash both parts of this classic moment between Miracle Max (Billy Crystal) and his wife Valerie (Carol Kane) from the 1987 fantasy movie.

The Princess Bride — "My Name Is Inigo Montoya"

In this video, Munn lip syncs the famous greeting by one of Mandy Patinkin's greatest characters. She's got great taste in movies.

Mariah Carey's "Hero"

Munn jokingly captioned this one as "pure emoting," but it's hilarious! She lip syncs to the classic Mariah hit in the foreground, while in the background Rodgers, well, emotes. He does sign language. And he dramatically sheds a blanket. This clip has it all.

Training Day

Munn Dubsmashed a speech from one of Denzel Washington's Oscar-winning roles in this 2001 movie. It's a serious moment.

Sarah McLachlan's "I Will Remember You"

And then it gets a little somber. Munn and Rodgers lip sync McLachlan's heartfelt ballad.

Boyz II Men's "End Of The Road"

It truly is the end, because this is the last Dubsmash posted by Munn. Together, she and Rodgers lip sync this classic ballad with lots of emoting.

Here's hoping there's more Dubsmash cuteness from this couple soon!