Rachel Zoe's Extreme Boho Look Is Divine

Rarely do you meet somebody with great style and great lip: Rachel Zoe pretty much takes the cake for the chicest woman with the best one liners. So it's no surprise that Rachel Zoe's fringe look at the Icons of Style Breakfast stole the show, à la dramatic plum vest, heel length skirt, and marsala red top.

We all knew her as the detail-oriented, high energy stylist that dressed the likes of Nicole Richie, Keira Knightley, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Lawrence, and Miley Cyrus. We'd follow her on her show, back in 2008, through award season as she'd pick through thousands of looks to find the perfect one for her client and then suddenly, like an epiphany, it would come. It was exhilarating to see how the process of styling actually looked, and what's more, she gave us some pretty amazing ad libs, like "You can't get dressed without good hair," and "I think that sexiness should be in the subtleties."

And of course, we watched it for the ~fashion~ for her clients, but noticed her amazing sense of style, too. In her final season, we saw her develop her very own collection, and couldn't have been prouder. It was a huge moment, and we got to share it with her. Fast forward two years later, and she's looking better than ever, especially in this '70s inspired fringe that is actually to die for.

Scott Barbour/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I mean hi, how amazing is this? It's like a prairie girl look, updated with bold, rich colors, and texture for days. Whoever thought that fringe and lace couldn't go together cohesively is actively proved wrong in this picture perfect look. Scroll through her Instagram and try to tell me you don't have some sort of fashion FOMO. Below, her five best Instagram fashion moments.

1. Lady In White

What's a better accessory than someone you love? Two! I'm absolutely in love with this simple, elegant white dress that pretty much proves she's an angel.

2. More Fringe

At the CFDA awards, Rachel wore a custom made gown from her own collection. The movement in this dress is incredible.

3. Faux Fur Fab

This. This is what chic dreams are made of.

4. Sequins Overload

In Marc Jacobs dress, Rachel Zoe is the disco ball.

5. Having A Caftan Moment

Is it even legal to wear something that's both so comfortable and so glamorous? I don't think so.

Images: Getty, @rachelzoe/Instagram (5)