Who Is Megan Wollover? Tracy Morgan's New Wife Has Supported Him Through Every Step Of His Recovery

It has been a slow road to recovery for Tracy Morgan after the June 2014 car wreck on the New Jersey turnpike that left him seriously injured, but after what has had to be the worst year of his life, he finally has something to celebrate: His wedding. Over the weekend, Morgan married longtime girlfriend Megan Wollover in a ceremony in New Jersey, and it goes without saying that they both deserve to finally experience such a happy milestone. Morgan and Wollover have been dating since 2011 and welcomed their daughter, Maven, in 2013, so this wedding has definitely been a long time coming. Now, there's only one question left to ask: Since she's not a famous standup comedian like her new husband, who is Megan Wollover? After doing a little investigating, I've found out that she's actually a pretty cool lady.

The basics: Wollover is a 28-year-old model and actress who has stayed by Morgan's side since his accident, like any good partner would. She doesn't have too much acting under her belt, but she did star in a 2010 short called Unholy Roller.

And as for everything else? Her Twitter and Facebook accounts are very telling, and from everything she's posted, it's obvious that Morgan is lucky to have her.

She Threw Her Daughter The Cutest Birthday Party Ever

Can we talk about the Disney themed cake? It's probably nicer than my wedding cake will be, and that's saying something. She, Morgan, and their daughter also celebrated her birthday at Disneyland, too, so the cake was pretty fitting for the theme. It's official: Maven is the luckiest two-year-old.

She Shows Constant Support Of Morgan

A lot of her Twitter feed is dedicated to posts about her love for her new husband — and retweets from others who have shown him the same support. It's not surprising, since someone who had to come back from a horrific wreck like Morgan did needs all the help he can get. It's good to see that he has someone like Wollover on his side.

She's A Yankees Fan

I don't know a lot about baseball, but I do know a lot about how much fun going to baseball games is, especially when there are giant margaritas and funnel cake, and I feel like this is a sentiment Wollover would probably understand.

Her Bridal Shower Was Gorgeous

This cake (much like her daughter's Disney cake) is far too beautiful to eat. And those cookies!

I'm glad to see that Morgan has had someone so awesome supporting him through his recovery — and that they finally got to tie the knot in the ceremony they've been waiting to have for so long. After everything they've been through, they both deserve a lifetime of happiness.