This New Type Of Waves Are A Must-Try

by Emily McClure

Ladies, it's time to undo those curls. These days, it's all about not-so-beachy waves. This means spending less time with your curling iron, and more time getting out the door. Loose, shiny curls are very trendy this season, and were spotted all over the runway last fashion week. From Roberto Cavalli to Ralph Lauren, designers are loving this glossy, undone look.

What's great about this look is how easy it is to create. With just a few simple steps, you can be looking like an "It girl" in no time. Who doesn't love that? The key elements of this hairstyle are texture and shine. You really want to focus on making these waves look effortless. This look is really a step-up from the slept-in waves that we are used to seeing of the runway. This hairstyle involves adding dimension to your hair without looking too bouncy or unnatural. It's really about creating a shine that lasts all-day, and looks slightly polished — kinda like bed-head, but better. All you need are three products to create this fierce, fashionable look this fall. Get your cell phone ready, because this hairstyle is definitely selfie-worthy. Here are a few simple steps to create not-so-beachy waves.

The Hairstyle

Matteo Valle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here's what you're hoping to recreate with this hairstyle. Glossy, loose waves that are polished, yet undone. I promise it's crazy simple!

1. Add Texture

Redken texturizing paste, $19,

Add a texturizing paste from the mid-length of your hair to the ends in order to get the glossy, textured look. For the Calvin Klein collection runway, hairstylist Guido added the Redken Movability 05 cream to the models hair before curling to create the look.

2. Curl

Hot Tools curling iron, $39.99,

Curl your hair by taking a two-inch section of hair, and wrapping it around a one-inch curling iron. Brush the curls out with your fingers after they cool to acheive loose looking, elegant waves.

3. Spritz In Place

L'Oreal salt spray, $22,

Finish by adding a texturizing salt spray to your curls. This will lightly hold your curl, while giving your hairstyle a bit more dimension. Hairstylist Sam McNight used the L'Oreal Professional Beach Waves spray to style the models for the Roberto Cavalli Fall 2015 runway.

For even more loose waves, I suggest straightening the ends of the hair for greater effect. However, these three steps alone will lead you to a polished, model-worthy hairstyle.

Images: Courtesy Brands