Lindsay Ellingson's Beauty Collection Is Amazing

Before Victoria's Secret Angel Lindsay Ellingson pursued a career in modeling, she was a normal UC San Diego student studying biology. Perhaps she's fusing her love of science and beauty, because Lindsay Ellingson's beauty line called Wander Beauty is expanding this September to include a Paris-inspired collection, and if it's anything like the rest of what she's put out, it's going to be amazing.

Travelers would appreciate Ellingson's beauty line because it's all about portability. As a world-traveling model, Ellingson has always loved multi-purpose beauty products so it only makes sense that she created a beauty line of her own with portable, multipurpose products. Ellingson received great success with her dual-ended On-The-Glow Blush and Illuminator stick, so I don't doubt that her fall capsule will be received with any less excitement.

According to E!, Ellingson's friends like to call her, "the walking Sephora." Need more proof that she's a total legit makeup creator? For this collection, Ellingson is planning to create brow pencils, eyeliners, eyeshadows, and a skin-hydrating blush.

In her interview with, Ellingson shared that she gets inspired by the makeup tips and tricks she learns through the professional makeup artists who do her makeup. And essentially, utilizing her knowledge of those makeup secrets and combining it with her own tips from traveling internationally for the past 10 years, is what birthed her beauty collection.

If you want to get to know more about the model, here are 11 fun facts about Ellingson.

1. She drinks pure aloe and water to hydrate her skin

In addition to that healthy concoction, Ellingson also loves, "drinking kombucha for the probiotic and enzyme benefit," according to Byrdie.

2. Paris is where she "fell in love with high heels, croissants, and beauty"

Ellingson is attached to Paris because that's where her career started. Oh, and because it's oh-so-gorgeous.

3. She loves hot yoga

Ellingson also recommends to stand on your head for a little bit in the morning in order give your face some needed blood flow and oxygen.

4. She applies her highlighter to her lips

According to Ellingson, Wander Beauty's illuminator, "makes your lips look fuller and sexier."

5. She loves eating avocado toast in the morning

Ellingson told Byrdie, "I sprinkle a little sea salt and lime juice on top of with a dash of Cholula, my favorite hot sauce!"

6. She used to be a dancer

"We should have had a makeup coach or something back then. But that did get me started in makeup, even though it was all wrong! Now I know what not to do." she tells

7. She prepped her skin for her wedding by starting from the inside — detox!

Ellingson uses BB Detox Tea by Kusmi.

8. One of her makeup pet peeves is filling in eyebrows too much

She says that whenever her makeup artists darken her eyebrows too harshly, she'll go to the restroom and touch it up the way she likes it.

9. She has a phobia of velvet

The VS Angel told E! News, "My worst nightmare would be sleeping in a bed of velvet; it makes me nauseous!"

10. The photos from her first ever Christian Dior campaign, which was ten years ago, weren't released until last year

The model told, "Nick Knight just released the images last year, which was so cool because I never saw them before! I shot it with Lily Donaldson and Gemma Ward, and it was kind of a bummer because they said that we looked too young, which isn’t a bad thing!"

11. She says American boys are more romantic than Parisian boys

She's dated Parisian boys earlier in her career, but she is now happily married to Sean Clayton and they're adorable together.