This Is The Most Popular Concealer On Pinterest

If you aren't using concealer, let me introduce you to the miracle ingredient in your makeup routine. According to Teen Vogue, the most popular concealer on Pinterest is Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, and it isn't just because it's pretty to look at.

Teen Vogue spoke to Larkin Brown, a Pinterest user and researcher, who told readers to believe the hype. She said that Laura Mercier's concealer "truly holds up to its name" and that you can also "thin it out with a touch of foundation, so you can use it under your eyes too!” Sounds like something we could all use in our makeup arsenal.

Brown is not the only one who really believes in the product. Users on Nordstrom, Sephora, and Macy's gave the concealer a 4 out of 5 stars. That's pretty high, considering there are over 1,000 reviews for the product on each site.

Laura Mercier's concealer is a two-shade concealer that allows you to mix the shades for a perfect color and coverage. The compact comes in eight shade options, ensuring you can find exactly what you need to look bright and lively (opposed to washed out and sickly). When it comes to concealer, it's best to go just a shade or two lighter than your foundation, to really get that naturally bright, alive affect.

If you're new to concealer or just need a quick reminder of how to use it/what it is, listen up: concealer is not just for under eye circles. Concealer brightens the area underneath your eyes, making you look more awake and refreshed, in addition to hiding and correcting discoloration from genetics or hormones. It can also moisturize around your eyes, fending off aging. The skin around your eyes is super thin, which means signs of aging set in around your eyes first. Concealer can prolong the inevitable and camouflage the effects of aging (or just a really fun night out). In short, it's a must.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, $26, Sephora

Here are a few tips for perfecting the necessary art of concealer.

1. If You've Never Used Concealer

When in doubt, consult Jaclyn Hill. This is a not-too-bright, natural looking way to work concealer into your foundation routine.

2. If You Have Severe Under Eye Circles

Don't be afraid to apply concealer with your clean fingers. The warmth from your fingers allows the concealer to melt into your skin (in a great way) and really absorb into your skin. If you think your concealer is too heavy or dry and causes creasing, mix it with some moisturizer.

3. If You Want An Airbrushed Look

Still a little confused? This girl gives two ways to perfectly apply concealer, for a very smooth transition between the concealer and foundation. Using a damp sponge is a great alternative to your fingers - remember, tap never swipe.

Image: lauramercier/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands