17 Weird But Adorable Things Couples Do Together

Every couple has its own inside jokes and idiosyncratic activities. After all, common interests — especially ones that few others share — are largely what make two people perfect for each other. And in case you need proof that strange activities are happening all around us, check out this Reddit thread on the weirdest things couples do together.

Redditor keighleybaily posed the question "What is the weirdest thing you and your SO do?" late last night, and since then, the thread has amassed over 350 comments. The good news is that if you thought you and your significant other were totally weird, you're not alone. OK, you may be alone in that particular thing you do (as you would probably want it — you know what I mean), but you're not alone in having a thing.

And based on the responses, you're also not alone if you have a gross thing. Who would have thought so many clandestine couples activities involved excrement? I guess after you've been together long enough, there's not much use in trying to maintain any sense of mystery.

Take a look at some of the top comments to see what I'm talking about. Maybe these activities can serve as inspiration for your next date ... or maybe they're best kept between the special snowflakes who enjoy them. Either way, here are some weird but charming things couples have been doing, and you can head over to Reddit for the rest.

1. Nothing Whatsoever

Sometimes the greatest sign that you're comfortable with another person is the ability to enjoy time with them without saying anything at all. It can be nice not to feel pressure to fill the silence with conversation.

2. Pitting Their Digestive Systems Against Each Other in a Race

See what I meant about losing all sense of mystery? I guess it's bound to happen.

3. Using Their Bodies as Furniture

Nope, not an ounce of mystery.

4. Communicating with Non-Human Noises

You know you've made it as a couple when you can talk to each other in public without anyone knowing what on Earth you're referring to. Also, is this couple accepting new members, and how can I apply?

5. Talking to Each Other's Feet

Can somebody please make a puppet show about this?

6. Playing "Kissing Games"

That's one way to keep the passion alive.

7. Practicing Their Demonic Meows

These two should start a cover band.

8. Conducting Fruitless Searches Through Stores

Well, it's definitely a way to pass the time.

9. Pretending to Be Penguins

10. And Dogs

Someone definitely took that childhood practice of licking food to mark it as your own to heart.

11. And Cats

Pretty much no animal is off limits.

12. Playing "Punch Buggy"

Further proof that childhood never really ends.

13. Playing "Poop Tag"

Again with the scatology!

14. Recording Each Other's Mid-Slumber Murmurings

Where can I find this website?!

15. Throwing Parties for Stuffed Animals

Every couple needs a mascot.

16. Making Up Strange Languages

Talking cats are a real thing, people.

17. Discussing Bowel Movements

Nope, if the rest of this thread is any indication, not weird at all.

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