11 Crazy 'Real Housewives Of Orange County' Moments That Happened Off-Camera

A lot has happened on The Real Housewives of Orange County over the years, which makes sense given that it is the original series in the Real Housewives franchise and has been around the longest. There have been plenty of iconic moments on the show with all the controversy, romance, feuds, betrayals, makeovers, and pretty much anything else imaginable. It seems like there are no boundaries to what can and will be shown on the Bravo reality show, but there have plenty of intriguing incidents that were missed by the cameras. No, I'm not talking about juicy scenes left on the cutting room floor. I'm talking about the Real Housewives of Orange County drama that happens in between seasons.

Just because Real Housewives is not filming 24 hours a day, seven days a week it doesn't mean that that the craziness just ceases when the cameras are turned off. This show has had 10 seasons, so there is bound to be drama that goes on in the off-season. Whether relationship trouble, family issues, or scandalous social media posts, the women have dealt with it all in between taping the show. Take a look!

1. Tamra Relinquishes Full Custody Of Her Daughter To Her Ex-Husband

Tamra Judge's custody battle with her ex-husband Simon Barney got very messy. According to Radar Online, Tamra lost custody of her 16-year-old daughter, Sidney, to her ex. To make matters worse, according to Radar, Sidney reportedly went to the judge and begged to not have to go to therapy with her mother to spend extra time with her. This sounds like a very trying time for Tamra and her family.

2. Shannon & Tamra Get Along

Contrary to what we see on the show, Tamra and Shannon are actually friendly in real life. They even hang out with each other's children. Anyone who watches the show would be pretty shocked by these two getting along.

3. Gretchen & Slade Call Off Their Wedding

Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley were set to wed in May 2015, but it did not work out. Gretchen claims that they called off the wedding because too many people were busy during Memorial Day weekend and that the couple keeps changing their plans to accommodate their "busy work schedules." My gut tells me they are holding off on the wedding because they are trying to get it on television, but who knows.

4. Vicki Accidentally Posts Topless Instagram

Jeff Gentner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After stepping out of the shower, Vicki took a photo of the headphones that Andy Cohen gifted her and decided to post the photo to social media. So how did Vicki's boobs end up on Instagram? Her "reflection was going to go off of the cellophane" and she accidentally “Instagrammed them out.” Luckily, her former RHOC costar Jeana Keough's daughter Kara Bosworth alerted her to the error and told her to take the photo down.

5. Lynne Curtin's Daughter Becomes A Porn Star

When Lynne was on RHOC, she had a tough time raising her rebellious daughters. Well, things got even more salacious. Lynne's daughter Alex is now a porn star who goes by the moniker Jade Taylors and her other daughter Raquel is a "suicide girl" who posts risque photos online.

6. Meghan & Gretchen Feud Over Jeff

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I never expected to mention Gretchen Rossie and Meghan King Edmonds in the same sentence given that they were not Housewives at the same time, but we have social media to thank for that. Meghan referred to Gretchen's deceased boyfriend Jeff as "the old guy" on Twitter, which did not go over well with Gretchen, but it seems like all is well now. Meghan admitted that she didn't actually watch the show before she was on it and was not familiar with Gretchen's life or story lines.

7. Tamra Speaks Up For Josh Duggar

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I'm not sure why she chose to do this, but Tamra Judge stood up for Josh Duggar amidst his child molestation allegations. Tamra posted a Facebook message about the news story and wrote, “I don’t know the whole story and I know the press likes to blow things up. My question is... did someone do this to him? Is he a victim as well? Just a thought...”

8. Vicki Has Brooks Sign A Legal Agreement Before Moving in Together

I knew Vicki was a tough cookie, but this kind of takes away from the romance in her relationship. Vicki and Brooks had a legally binding agreement that her divorce lawyer drafted up to outline the details of their living arrangement. It was essentially a pre-nup, but without the nup.

9. Lynne Files For Divorce From Her Husband

Lynne shared some of her tough home life while she was a Housewife on RHOC, but it really seemed like there was a strong love between herself and her husband, Frank. Apparently, this did not last because Lynne filed for divorce from Frank in 2012. This did not sit well with him who appeared to be blindsided by the filing. Frank told the OC Register, “I’m deeply in love with my wife. Business is so bad, it has caused a lot of stress in my relationship. I love my wife. She’s just not herself right now.”

10. Gretchen Questions Tamra's Newfound Christianity

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Even though Gretchen isn't on the show, that doesn't mean that she's stopped coming for Tamra. What's her issue now? Gretchen doesn't believe that Tamra is sincere about her newfound Christianity. In an interview with Christy Reports, Gretchen said, “I don’t know yet. I think it will be interesting to see some of the things that they’re previewing like Tamra Barney [Judge] supposedly being baptized and a born again Christian. I find that very odd and very ironic but I am also a believer of God and I’m a Christian and if that’s true then more power to her but I would be very surprised if it’s an authentic story.” This seems like something Gretchen would have said on the show, so I guess things haven't changed in the past couple of years.

11. Gretchen Calls Vicki A Hypocrite For Talking About Brooks's Health

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Gretchen called Vicki a hypocrite for talking about Brooks' health on television after years of Vicki and Tamra questioning Gretchen's character for going on TV when her boyfriend Jeff was terminally ill. In an interview with Mr. Real Housewife, Gretchen said, “I find it very hurtful that both Tamra and Vicki gave me such a hard time that I was filming a reality show while Jeff was sick, claiming on the show and to the press many times that ‘if one of their family members were sick, they certainly would not be on a reality show,’ yet, now the tables are turned and it’s OK? This is the kind of hypocrisy that drove me crazy with these women. I’m disgusted now thinking back how these women viciously attacked me for choosing to be authentic and film while Jeff was diagnosed with Leukemia, not to mention all the claims they made about me during the worst time of my life."

It's crazy to think that so much is happening with the ladies from Real Housewives of Orange County when the cameras aren't rolling. I couldn't even imagine if Bravo aired some of these story lines. It would definitely make the show even more entertaining and controversial.