6 Celebs Who Have Bounced Back From A Bad Role Or Film

We are all human. We all stumble. We all mess up. We all make terrible choices sometimes. (And, if you’re me, you make terrible choices frequently.) Sometimes, though, we’re dealt a bad hand that is completely out of our control. And these hiccups extend to our actor friends, who yes, are people, too. Some actors have either chosen a bad role or the wrong movie, and it caused them either some grief, some bad reviews, or the entire world making fun of the title of your movie (Gigli. I'm talking about Gigli).

What I’m trying to say it, we have all seen a bad movie. We have all heard about bad movies we absolutely did not want to see. And, we have definitely all gotten wind of a role or two that may have been less than great. But that’s not what matters, here. Here, we are the champions of the underdogs. Those guys and gals who may have messed up or suffered at the hands of someone else messing up, and who dusted themselves off and became successful or reinstated their success in spite of all that.

Here are six actors who bounced back after a bad role or movie:

1. Jamie Lee Curtis

When asked why she hadn't been to Comic Con before, Curtis replied, "I've been selling yogurt that makes you sh*t for six years." Listen, I have been a Curtis fan for as long as I can remember. I mean, even as a snooty teen I thought she was just about the coolest person because of Freaky Friday. But she had an admitted lull in her career, hence the reference to her Activia endorsing. Though, that doesn't matter much now though because she's straight up killing it on the new show Scream Queens now.

2. Ben Affleck

Do I need to delve into this issue more than simply stating the name of the film? It was Gigli and everyone freakin' hated it. They hated it so much that they began to hate poor Affleck, but he came back in full force with his Oscar-winning hit Argo. But, on the bright side, this gives hope to the rest of the belittled actors who accepted less than amazing roles and/or movies, that they too can re-win the public's support by playing the husband of a murderous psychopath in a fantastic book-to-movie adaptation.

3. Jennifer Lopez

Ditto on Gigli. But, fortunately for Lopez, acting is just one of her many talents and bouncing back for her was a hell of a lot easier. In fact, her movie making never really even slowed down. Though the ghost of Gigli did follow her for sometimes.

4. Melissa Benoist

Before she was Supergirl , she was Marley Rose on Glee. The actress and powerhouse singer was, for the lack of a better term, ditched by the show (along with the rest of the Season 4 new kids) and didn't return for the sixth Season. But things are looking just fine for her now. You go girl.

5. John Travolta

I was young, but I distinctly remember the vehement backlash Travolta received after Battlefield Earth. I, being Grease obsessed, could not condone this type of talk directed towards my Danny Zuko. And, as it turns out, most people felt similarly, because he had a slew of projects afterwards which ultimately led to the most important movie in his repertoire (in my opinion), my beloved, Hairspray.

6. Andy Samberg

That's My Boy, which is featured on Wikipedia's, "List of films that are considered the worst" probably isn't the best movie to have your name attached to, but Samberg hasn't let it phase him. Since then, he's won a Golden Globe for his role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Hi haters.

So, you see, not all is lost for similarly plagued actors. You just need to keep on pushin' (and experience a bit of luck).

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