What Happened To Cassandra On 'The Bachelor'? 'Bachelor In Paradise' Will Hopefully Be A Better Experience

While there have been many ladies who have come and gone on The Bachelor, there are those select few that stand out above the rest, regardless of whether or not they win or lose. Such is the case for former Bachelor contestant Cassandra Ferguson, who made quite the memorable impression on both viewers and Juan Pablo during Season 18. But, if that's the last you'd thought you'd see of her, then think again! There are rumors that Cassandra will join Bachelor in Paradise , which means she'll be gracing us with her small screen presence once more, though, hopefully under less dramatic circumstances. But, before that glorious moment occurs, I thought us fans should take some time to refresh our memories about what exactly happened to Cassandra during her Bachelor days.

When it comes to this particular reality series, heartbreak is not only possible, it's highly probable. However, Cassandra suffered an especially emotional blow that falls right into the romantic nightmare-type of category when Juan Pablo sent her packing in New Zealand during Episode 6. What's so unusually tragic about that, you may ask? Here's a quick rundown of Cassandra's Bachelor experience and everything we came to learn about her on the ABC reality show.

She Was Sent Home On Her Birthday

I think it's fair to assume that getting her heart stomped on was not what she had wished for that year. I mean, getting dumped on national television is traumatic enough as it is, but having it done on your birthday is a whole new level of devastation. It fits right up there with Valentine's Day and Christmas break-ups — neither of which sounds like any fun. So odds are that her reported Bachelor in Paradise appearance is bound to go a little more smoothly. (At least, I certainly hope so.)

She Was A Great Mother & Kind Person

Her love life may have taken a few hits throughout the years, but that hasn't stopped Cassandra from being a fantastic mother to her son, Trey, which says a lot about the type of person she is. If you ask me, it's Juan Pablo's loss.

She Participated In The Puppy Date

She was overshadowed a bit by Lucy, who stripped down to pose with these pups, but Cassandra was also there to raise money for the homeless dogs.

She Was A Former Detroit Pistons Dancer

So not only was she one of the sweetest contestants on the show, but she was also a gorgeous sports dancer. You know, just in case you needed another reason to be confused as to why Juan Pablo didn't think she was worth keeping around. Let's just hope that, regardless of what happens if she comes in, BiP gives her the proper treatment she deserves. But, when you've had your heart crushed on your birthday, the only direction to go is up… right?

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