What Do Kaitlyn & Shawn Think Of 'Bachelor in Paradise'? The 'Bachelorette' Pair Are Both Really Close To The Cast

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are currently on their online victory tour after getting engaged on The Bachelorette earlier this year. Basically every snapchat, Instagram pic, or tweet is about each other. But, after finding love on an ABC reality show, I'm curious what Shawn & Kaitlyn think of Bachelor in Paradise, the fun younger sibling to twins Bachelor and Bachelorette. This couple is deep in their honeymoon period right now, and until just a few days ago, neither one of them had even seen Bachelor in Paradise according to a tweet from Kaitlyn. On Aug. 23 she said, "I haven't watched BiP. Will be binge watching tonight. All I know is I love [Ashley I.] for who she is. Tears and all. My thoughts tomorrow."

So, first and foremost, their opinion on Bachelor in Paradise is that it wasn't important enough to immediately penetrate their bubble of love. I can see that. BiP is like a six-week reminder that dating is absolutely terrible, while The Bachelorette is all about the sappiest, sweetest, corniest true love... and that's what Shawn and Kaitlyn totally have.

There's so much that Kaitlyn knows about this process that makes her uniquely able to understand the experiences of the people in Paradise, so hearing from her is like hearing a former quarterback comment on the Super Bowl. And Shawn, as someone who found love on his first time on one of these shows, is the lucky rookie who somehow found himself a championship winner. Their opinions are of great interest to any Bachelor in Paradise fan.

They're Really Close To The Action

Many of Shawn and Kaitlyn's cast mates on Bachelor and Bachelorette are in Paradise this year, so there are plenty of familiar faces who both are already friends with.

Kaitlyn Cares Enough To Call In

On the most recent episode of After Paradise, Kaitlyn called in to share her opinions of the season. In short, she revealed Joe Bailey has two faces (sweet Joe and cold Joe), and she was generally sassy in the way everyone knows and loves.

She Even Got Called On The Show

After being dumped by Jared, Ashley called Kaitlyn while on the show to talk about Jared's residual feelings for Kaitlyn, who tried her best to help her sobbing friend through things.

Shawn Is More Into Hanging In Paradise Than Watching Paradise

Shawn hasn't shared a single thought about the current season of Paradise online. But, he has been doing some surfing/sunning of his own.

Kaitlyn Preferred Marathoning It

Since the episodes are so long, that must have been a long marathon! (Still waiting on her thoughts, BTW.)

And, They Are An Ashely I. Household

House Boothstowe is firmly in support of Ashely and her tears.

Kaitlyn Is Still Paying No Attention To Her Haters

Good to know that Kaitlyn is still paying absolutely no mind to the idiots who think that she was the worst Bachelorette ever. (And, anyway, they're so wrong.)

But, The Biggest News Is Ben H.

The confirmation that Shawn & Kaitlyn's pal Ben Higgins is going to be the next Bachelor was the After Paradise announcement that really rocked the couple — with excitement. I think after Shawn's reaction, Bachelor 2016 is going to be the show that these two focus their energy on.

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