Will Kaitlyn & Shawn Be Together Forever?

by Tracy Dye

The most recently engaged couple to come out of The Bachelor franchise are continuing to dispense evidence of their staying power. Kaitlyn Bristowe took to Instagram on Thursday, August 13 to deliver a throwback photo of the ages. In the pic, she and new fiancée, Shawn Booth, are seen donning wigs and ginormous sunglasses, which was apparently their sleuth way of being able to step out in public before The Bachelorette finale had aired. Bristowe captioned the photo: "Maybe the other week wasn't our first time out in public!!? #bonnieandclyde @shawn_booth18." You sly dogs, you! This couple's inability to keep their love — such squee-worthy love — relegated to private quarters is just one more sign that they are in it for the long haul. Of course, there were a plethora of signs that the two were going to go the distance throughout Bristowe's season of Bachelorette.

From the moment Shawn arrived with his dashing charm and resemblance to Ryan Gosling, the sizzling connection he had with Kaitlyn basically melted all our respective screens. Their televised path to love wasn't without its pitfalls, but even the trials they endured offered signs that they would be able to build a lifetime partnership together.

Let's take a look at some integral moments from the last season of Bachelorette that prove Kaitlyn and Shawn will be together forever.

1. The Fact That Tanner Tolbert Was Overlooked PERIOD

As a proud resident of the Bachelor Nation, I have obviously been tuning in to Season 2 of Bachelor In Paradise. OMG, guys, how awesome is Tanner? I've already deemed him the official Chandler Bing of BiP, and his burgeoning romance with Jade Roper is a shipper's dream come true. Kaitlyn must have had some serious feelings of amore for Shawn in order to overlook this guy.

2. Shawn's Limo Arrival

There's those instant sparks I was talking about. Tee-hee.

3. When Shawn Gave Kaitlyn His Favorite Shirt

The fact that Shawn was willing to give away his favorite T-shirt — or his main shirt, if you watch Inside Amy Schumer — says a lot, guys. I've known the feelings of love, and I've never even been willing to share a donut with a suitor.

4. When Kaitlyn Told Shawn She Slept With Nick

Oomph. That was probably not Shawn's favorite moment of the show. However, the fact that Kaitlyn explored her connection with Nick in the most intimate way — and came to find that Shawn was the person she wanted to be with — shows that her subsequent exclusivity with Shawn was decided without a doubt in her mind. The fact that Shawn was also able to overcome the painful admission is a true testament to this couple's longevity.

5. When Kaitlyn's Family Gave Shawn Their Approval

They say family knows best, and Kaitlyn's brood gave Shawn a big thumbs up after meeting him. Shawn also displayed his love for Kaitlyn — along with his belief their relationship could endure anything — during an oh-so-sweet chat with her mom.

6. The Engagement

Because duh. How can you watch this and not think these two are going to be together forever?

7. Pretty Much Every Moment During Bachelorette

In case you need a refresher on Kaitlyn and Shawn's road to romance on Bachelorette, ABC has spliced together a smorgasbord of clips displaying their love story — through good times and bad.

Kaitlyn and Shawn have endured the trials of having their early days of dating — which awkwardly included 25 other Bachelors — broadcast to a national audience. If the show wasn't enough to convince you these two are meant to be, just peruse their respective social media accounts at your leisure. These two love social media, guys, and their constant posts displaying their enduring love is enough to make your heart explode with all the feels imaginable.

Images: Kaitlyn Bristowe/Instagram