Kim Kardashian Posts “Pregnancy Lips” Selfie, But Is That Even A Thing?

Pregnancy can be really uncomfortable, especially towards the end. (Not that I've ever been pregnant or anything, but, you know, one can assume.) Your body gets bigger, things swell up that shouldn't, and if you ask Kim Kardashian, that totally includes your lips. Kim Kardashian posted a selfie with pregnancy lips, according to People magazine, but is that actually even a thing?

Kardashian posted a series of photos on Instagram on Tuesday showing off her plump and voluptuous lips, captioning one, "Pregnancy lips." OK, I know weird things get bigger like your feet and stuff, but I am fairly certain lips is not one of them. But given my lack of first-hand experience on the subject, it might be better to do some research.

New York City plastic surgeon Steven Pearlman told that facial swelling from fluid retention can happen in the nose. It's also common to see roundness in the cheeks or under the eyes. But there's no mention of lips.

To play devil's advocate, everyone's body is entirely unique and it's definitely possible that you react in different ways. Just take a look at this community forum from Baby Center. Hilda28 definitely feels what Kim K. is feeling, posing the question to her fellow baby mamas: "Is it possible for your lips to grow during pregnancy or am I just imagining it?"

So, is Kim herself imagining things or are pregnancy lips a real thing? I don't think you can find all the answers in a textbook. But I definitely do not think that pregnancy lips is not a common or widely accepted thing.

Whatever the cause, though, they look great on Kim!

This family has some seriously controversial lips.

Images: Getty Images; kimkardashian/Instagram