Ramona Gets Real About Her Divorce During 'The Real Housewives Of New York' Reunion & It's Heartbreaking

Before the Season 6 reunion of The Real Housewives of New York City , Ramona Singer's marriage to her husband Mario fell a part right before our eyes in the tabloids. Naturally, host Andy Cohen had to ask Ramona about what the real deal was with her relationship to Mario, but Ramona did her usual Ramona thing and flipped out, shutting Andy down and declining to answer any of his questions regarding her marriage. Well, hop aboard the Ramona Coaster, everyone, because the RHONY star did a complete 180 during part two of the Season 7 reunion Tuesday night as she revealed very intimate and heartbreaking details about catching Mario with another woman.

Yes, it was as terrible as it sounds, but here's what really went down that infamous night, which you may have already heard about in the press. Ramona had sent Mario out of their Upper East Side home to get some alone time and deal with his infidelity. After weeks of not seeing each other, Ramona wanted to meet and hash things out with Mario in their Southampton home, but he didn't want to see her. Ramona went anyway and upon her arrival, Mario's mistress met her in the kitchen. Ouch. If you weren't squirming in your seat like the other Housewives as Ramona recounted this harrowing tale, you basically have no heart.

So when Mario saw Ramona, he freaked out, then she freaked out. She got so nervous that she couldn't find the strength to be honest and say that she really wanted to speak with him to try and work out their issues. Instead, she made up an excuse that she had come to the house just to pick up her contacts. All in all, Ramona said it felt like "a horror picture," and I think that might even be putting it mildly.

I was shocked Ramona was so open with these personal details after being so defensive about the subject last year. Ramona said Mario had told her not to disclose anything that was going on in their relationship during the Season 6 reunion, and she complied because he convinced her that it would hurt their marriage if she didn't. She finally decided to open up about their split on the show because she realized Mario's behavior and the dissolution of their marriage was the result of him having issues with himself. He has even blamed the show for their break-up.

Well, Ramona's speaking up now, and I'm sure glad she is. Though Ramona hasn't completely changed this season, she has been more open this season about what's really going on in her life and has shown that she, like everyone else in the world, is not perfect. This is a side of Ramona I really hope we get to see more of next season.

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo