5 Ways To Wear A Headscarf, Because Hats Aren't The Only Option This Fall

Headscarfs are everything: classic, romantic, whimsical, polished, and maybe even a little mysterious. I loved them for summer, but wanted to figure out how to wear a headscarf for fall. I gave it a try and the results were pleasantly surprising.

While there are tons of looks possible with headscarves, it all really boils down to three techniques and then how you choose to style them from there: hair up, down, to the side, braided, etc. So while it may sound intimidating at first, accomplishing any of the following looks is about knowing which of the five techniques to use.

Scarves are a great idea for your hair, especially for fall and winter. You can probably go a little longer in-between washes and scarves can hide and disguise a not-so-cute hairlines. They also act as ear and head warmers, so this Colorado girl is anxious to wear them on blustery fall morning or a snowy winter day. Beanies and hats are fine, sure, but scarves can elevate your look to the next level.

If you're still not convinced you should start rocking headscarves, just take a stroll through history's fashion trends. You'll quickly realize the headscarf has been living since the dawn of time. Women wore headscarves and bandanas in the ‘50s, while turbans rocked the ‘70s hard. I’m in love with every look, but here are five specific techniques that stood out.

1. High Pony

I don't generally wear high ponytails, but I would reconsider with a scarf around my head! First, fold your scarf, and place the middle at the base of your neck. Take the ends, twist them around each other twice so the knot sits at the middle peak of your hairline, and then wrap the remaining ends around and tie off at the base of your neck again. This looks adorable on top of down hair, too, or at the hairline when you want to throw your hair up. It's got a real 1950s-girl vibe, so it's adorable and classic.

2. Top Knot

This style was super easy. Just fold your scarf to a width you prefer and lay it over your hairline (or lower, if you have a larger forehead like I do and you want to camouflage it). Knot it at the base of your neck and you're good to go! This technique looks great with a top knot, side pony, or with your hair down. It does have a little bit of Brett Michaels in Rock of Love to it, so beware. But I'm thinking that as long as your scarf isn't the American flag or adorned with skulls and flames, you'll be fine...unless of course, that's you're thing, so you do you!

3. Turban

Obviously, I'm feelin' myself in this one. Accomplishing the turban technique was the most difficult — I had to wrap the entire scarf over my head and then navigate some wacky folds to get it to lie flat against my hair. Unlike the other styles, this one took multiple tries. The end result is worth it, however. It's perfect for days when my dirty grungy roots should not see daylight. I'm vibin' like it's the '70s in this style, and we know the '70s are back this fall with fringe, orange, suede, and now — turbans!

4. Braid

This was a little tricky. It's the same technique used with the top knot, but I used the scarf end as a third of my braid. It turns into a really thick braid that is a little heavy. Not sure I would ever wear this one again, but it's a creative option and I think would work well for straight hair.

5. Flower

So my flower came out looking more like a psychedelic funnel cake at the state fair, but use your imagination with me on this one. I tied the two open ends of the scarf together right above my ear. I twisted each end of the scarf until each looked like a tight rope. The, I started wrapping them around each other and pulled the ends through the middle. Depending not the type of scarf you use, you may actually get a flower-like bow and look totally adorable.

For more ideas, watch this epic video demonstrate 10 styles in seven minutes. Prepare to be wowed!

Lilith Moon on YouTube

Image: Author's Own