This Is Emmy Rossum's Go-To Makeup Tip

Emmy Rossum has clearly got some major style chops, and it's no secret that the star is kind of a fashion icon. As it turns out, she's also quite the makeup maven, too! According to a recent interview with Allure, Emmy Rossum believes that blending is the most important makeup step, and also shared that she's all about beauty products — she'll even do her own makeup for events!

When the actress has last-minute events or her usual makeup artists are booked for the night, she turns to the one person she trusts — herself. But it's a situation she'd rather not get herself into. “I prefer to have a makeup artist do my makeup," she told Allure. "It's fun to learn new tricks and discover new products."

Rossum is all about the products, which is no surprise for a makeup junkie. She keeps Kiehls lip balm and eye cream with her at all times to refresh her look on the go.

"I like to keep eye cream with me at all times, because I find that it’s small and it can hydrate under your eyes and double as lip moisture, cuticle moisture, and elbow moisture—everything gets so awfully dry during the winter," she said in an interview with

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Oh, and according to Lucky Shops, her morning skincare routine starts at night. "I sleep with a face cream mixed with a face oil," she told Lucky Shops. "I like to do a really good cleaning in the morning because I'm actually very shiny by then, so I use my Clarisonic with the Restorsea cleanser."

But the real secret of Rossum's flawless skin and perfect makeup is blending your makeup as much as possible. "Blend, blend, blend," She told Allure. "Go slowly. And look at yourself in different lights. The light in your bathroom might be very yellow, and when you get out into the daylight, your face might look very different.”

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The trick isn't a new one, but it's an important reminder for anyone who puts on makeup in a dimly lit bathroom then spends the rest of the day under fluorescent lights (aka me).

If you want to heed Rossum's advice, here are three of my favorite ways to blend makeup perfectly.

Blending Sponge

Original Beauty Blender, $20, Sephora

It's no surprise this product is on the list. Makeup artists swear by sponges like the beautyblender to make foundation look natural, not cakey. If used properly and washed regularly, a blending sponge will last awhile and keep your makeup looking flawless. The best way to use a blending sponge is by wetting it, squeezing out excess water and lightly dabbing foundation on your face. This technique is called "stippling."

Foundation Brush

Bare Minerals Perfecting Face Brush, $28, Sephora

Foundation brushes are a classic must-have in any beauty kit, but the type you use depends on your personal preferences. They provide a little more coverage than other types of blenders, so they're perfect for a night when you want your makeup to last for hours. You can choose between a fluffy brush with compact bristles like the Bare Minerals Perfecting Face Brush or a flat one, but both will provide long-lasting coverage.

Your Fingers

Some people are grossed out by the idea of using their fingers to apply makeup, and others swear by it. Converts argue your fingers warm up foundation in a way a brush can't, and even dissenters have to agree it's convenient. Beau Nelson, who did Rossum's makeup for the American Ballet Theatre Opening Night Spring Gala in 2014, is a fan of this technique. He told Byrdie he used his fingers to pat concealer on Rossum's skin after buffing on foundation earlier. This helped the concealer settle into the areas that needed more coverage instead of just sitting on top of her skin.

Rossum's flawless skin is a sign of great skincare, good genes and use of the all-important blending technique. No matter which tool you use to blend, make sure it's an essential step in your makeup routine.

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