7 Carrie Underwood "Smoke Break" Music Video GIFs That Will Inspire You All Day

Carrie Underwood just seems to get us. Whether Underwood is rocking a no-makeup selfie or speaking to us via the narrative lyrics of her album Storyteller , the former American Idol star never fails to connect with her fans. Underwood's new video for "Smoke Break" continues that tradition, paying homage to the people who work hard to support themselves.

The first verse is a nod to a mother of four who is trying to feed her family and be a good person. In the chorus, Underwood acknowledges the woman needing a break as she belts, "She said, 'I don't drink' / But sometimes I need a stiff drink / Sipping from a highball glass / Let the world fade away / She said,'"I don't smoke' / 'But sometimes I need a long drag' / 'Yeah, I know it might sound bad' / 'But sometimes I need a smoke break.'"

The video echoes this sentiment, portraying a struggling man and woman, as well as Underwood, whose truck breaks down en route to a gig. (Spoiler: The singer makes it to her performance, where we see all of the characters from the video taking a much-needed break.)

You can check out the seven most inspiring moments from the "Smoke Break" video below.

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1. When We Meet The Hard-Working Mom

She's working long hours in a diner to provide for her family.

2. When Underwood Drives A Long Way For Her Gig

Whatever it takes to do what she loves.

3. When We Meet The Businessman

A first-generation college graduate who's also trying to move up in the world.

4. When Underwood Is Faced With A Major Challenge

Yep, that's her truck overheating.

5. When She Overcomes The Struggle

She figures out a way to get to the show.

6. When Underwood Gets To Do What She Loves

She makes it to the gig in time to perform!

7. When We See The Other People From The Video Relaxing Too

Because everyone deserves a break.

You can check out Carrie Underwood's "Smoke Break" video above for even more inspiring moments!

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