Rihanna's Bomber Puts Fitted Jackets To Shame

The "oversized" trend is not likely to die anytime soon. A large, cozy sweater will always triumph over a tight turtleneck in terms of comfort. In light of the everlasting trend, queen of streetwear, Rihanna, wore an oversized bomber that will definitely put all of your other jackets to shame.

Who needs a peacoat when you can wear a stylish jacket that's essentially a swishy blanket? The answer is no one. The BBHMM singer found a unique way to style the oversized khaki colored jacket by pairing it with ripped skinnies, a graphic tee and blue lipstick when she stepped out in Miami last night. Besides the blue lip, I imagine that most people have the latter items in their closet, so really the last thing you would need to complete the look is the cool bomber.

Given that the one she is wearing is a sold out $1,500 jacket from trendy French brand Vetements F/W '15 collection, I'd say that stealing RiRi's outfit to an exact T is out of the question. A lot of celebrities have been into the brand since it debuted its third collection last spring, and I can't deny that this jacket is the perfect mix of streetwear and designer luxe. The solution to this dilemma is easy, though: anyone can get a similar look by simply buying an XL size of a men's bomber. It'll be at least $1,000 dollars cheaper, and who could deny that?

(But the black isn't sold out – yet!)

Vetements Vintage Flight Jacket, $1,270; v

If you're willing to embrace the whole "borrowed from the boys" look for the sake of taking after RiRi, here are a few options to get you started. Just don't forget to buy it in the largest size available – otherwise you'll just be getting an average bomber lacking the essential bagginess of Rihanna's style.


Khaki Bomber Jacket, $81;

Reclaimed Vintage MA1 Bomber Jacket, $117;


Bomber Jacket With Quilted Lining (In Black and Khaki), both $80;

Now, let's talk about how you, too, can wear an electric blue lipstick like a queen.

Images: @riribcn/Instagram (1); Courtesy Brands (5)