12 'Big Brother 17' Memes That Will Make Superfans Laugh & Cringe At The Houseguests' Antics This Summer

Aside from the game play itself, one of the most entertaining aspects of watching Big Brother fan is laughing along with fellow fans at the various antics and missteps of the houseguests. There are plenty of timeless jokes about host Julie Chen and the previous contestants, but this season has a few unique memes of its own. If you are dedicated fan, there are plenty of Big Brother 17 memes online sure to make you laugh and reward for your dedication to the series.

Being a Big Brother fan is truly an all encompassing experience. It goes beyond simply watching a television show. First off, there are new Big Brother episodes on CBS three nights a week, every week, all summer. That itself is a serious commitment to make to a reality series. Then there are the Big Brother live feeds to keep up with 24/7 on the Internet. Plus, there are blogs and social media sites that recap the action. On top of that, it's 2015 and so that means we can all share our opinions on the house guests and interact with complete strangers about Big Brother-related topics on all social media networks. It's practically impossible to be bored as a Big Brother fan. There is always a story to keep up with, in addition to the show's many twists. This constant action means that new memes are popping up multiple times a day.

If you've been keeping up with the show, you will definitely see the humor in these Big Brother 17 memes and maybe even apply them to your own life.

1. When Your Least Favorite Houseguest Prevails

Austin's face sums up my reaction to him being crowned as Head of Household. This is the last thing I wanted and now I need to suffer through a week's worth of episodes and online posts all about Austin. Gag.

2. When We Heard Julie Chen Talking About The Twists In Episode 1

Julie had a ton to say about the twists and turns on Big Brother 17, but I haven't seen many.

3. When You Wish You Could Unsee Something

I am both fascinated and disturbed by Austin and Liz having no qualms about hooking up in front of cameras that record their actions for both a network television show and live feeds.

4. When Your Girl Has Poor Taste In Men

It's hard when we want the best for our friends and then have to watch them make some questionable decisions. And sometimes by friend, I mean Big Brother houseguest.

5. When Someone Is Overdramatic About Everything

This took Audrey's love of her blanket in her final Big Brother days to a hilarious extreme.

6. When You Are Subjected To Watching Someone Make Poor Decisions

Sometimes I can see a mistake from a mile away, but can't do anything about it except pound my head and wait for the fallout. I don't even know Vanessa, but I had anxiety watching her ruin her game and put Jason on the block.

7. When You Are Excited To Watch Your Favorite Show

I have no explanation for people who claim they don't watch TV, but the rest of us can probably relate to this one. The anticipation to of watching your favorite show is enough to get you through a rough day.

8. When You Realized The BB17 Twists Are Over

The BB Takeover is no more, and the Twin Twist was found out way too soon, so it's safe to say that this has been the least twisty Big Brother season in a while.

9. When You Know Better Than To Trust A Shady Guy

We've all been there.

10. When A Creep Is Sliding Into Your DMs

This face is exactly what I picture when some weird guy tries to direct message me on Twitter. I don't know you, go away.

11. When You Are Waiting For Your Pizza To Arrive

The only bad thing about having pizza delivered to your door is waiting for it to arrive. Time seems to be moving so slowly in this moment and Johnny Mac's face depicts this anguish very well.

12. When You Realize Big Brother 17 Is Almost Over

This is definitely the most relatable meme for us superfans. What are we supposed to do when the summer is over? How are we going to survive when we do not have a constant influx of Big Brother content to sustain us? We need to savor Big Brother 17 while we still can, and memes like these definitely help with that.

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Image: Robert Voets/CBS