Who is Chelsie From 'Bachelor in Paradise'? The Teacher Is A Free Spirit With A Seriously Cute Dog

Many fans are super disappointed that Clare Crawley has been eliminated from Mexico, but, don't worry, another alum from Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor is about to arrive in Mexico. According to previews, Chelsie Webster will join Bachelor in Paradise as early as this Sunday, and I can't wait to see her again on the small screen. A native of Ohio, Chelsie was a contestant on The Bachelor Season 18. She finished in the top five, but let's be honest — the women who didn't get Pablo's final rose were the true winners that season. There were a whopping 27 contestants in Season 18, so let's refresh our memories on who Chelsie is before she arrives in Paradise.

In her Twitter bio, Chelsie describes herself as "small and nerdy" and her posts show that she's enthusiastic about her family, friends, job, and equal rights. She attended Ohio State University and works as a science educator at the Center of Science and Industry in Columbus. "My days are spent showing kiddos science is cool," her bio explains. Chelsie's positive attitude won her many fans on JP's season, and she has no regrets about her time on The Bachelor — nor does she harbor any hard feelings towards Juan Pablo. In March 2014, Chelsie told The Coloradoan that she had a wonderful experience on the show and she loved traveling to Los Angeles, South Korea, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Miami. Out of everywhere she traveled, New Zealand was her favorite spot — so we'll have to see how Mexico stacks up in Chelsie's book.

Here's a refresher on the contestant many people have been hoping to see in Paradise:

1. Her Dog's Name Is Brody And He Is Perfect

I really hope there's some sort of twist that involves Brody arriving in Paradise with Chelsie, because the cast needs more animals to converse with.

2. I Mean It — He's Really, Really Perfect

We need more guys in Paradise who are as cute and genuine as Brody. Perhaps he could replace Joe? Don't even pretend you'd be sad to see that switch.

3. She Can Rock A Flower Crown

Look out, Carly — pretty soon you won't be the only woman in Paradise who can effortlessly pull off a flower crown.

4. She Knows Her Way Around A Little Princess Quote

If her taste in men is as on point as her taste in classic literature, Chelsie has nothing to worry about.

5. She Had Mixed Emotions While She Watched The Bachelorette

Chelsie feels the struggle of being a Bachelorette fan. It brings up a lot of really complicated emotions for all of us.

6. Her Pun Hashtags Are Impressive

In addition to bringing her dog to Paradise, I hope Chelsie also brings along her puns.

7. She's Passionate About Her Job

Chelsie loves imparting her appreciation for science to young kids.

8. She Rocks Hippie Chic

How does she pull it off? Chelsie, teach me your ways.

9. She Celebrated #LoveWins

Chelsie knows everyone deserves the opportunity to be with the one they love.

Here's hoping she, too, finds that special someone this season!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC