7 Times You Were Carly From 'Bachelor In Paradise,' From Adorable Laughter To Flowers Crowns

One of the absolute best parts of watching Bachelor in Paradise is getting to see some of our favorite cast members again. Previous Bachelor hopefuls who head to paradise are generally fan favorites from their season, be it for their hilarious commentaries or their open and honest response to being on the show. While some viewers totally relate to Ashley I., others will find that they have a lot in common with Carly.

Carly Waddell is a cruise-ship singer who fans first met when she appeared on Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor. On her Bachelor bio, Carly claims that her craziest job ever was when she "had to be a pirate watcher from midnight to 4 a.m. in the Red Sea on my last ship." (Yes, you read that correct ... actual pirates, not Captain Hook.) She also happens to be a legacy in Bachelor Nation; Carly's brother Zak Waddell was on Desiree Hartstock's season of The Bachelorette .

Carly's been having a pretty amazing time in paradise this summer. Right off the bat, she clicked with Kirk DeWindt, making them one of the cutest and most drama-free couples this season. However, Carly is also known for her laid-back personality and sense of humor. Here's seven times you could totally relate to Carly from Bachelor in Paradise.

1. When You're Brutally Honest

The only thing better than Carly's commentaries is when she live-tweets Bachelor in Paradise.

2. When You Entertain Yourself

Watching her giggle at herself is one of the most endearing parts of this season.

3. When People Ship Your Relationship

Because Carly and Kirk are already goals.

4. When Your Headgear Game Is Flawless

When in paradise, rock the flower crown.

5. When You Lay Down The Law

Sorry, Joe.

6. When People Get Really Into Your Eyebrows

This is Bachelor in Paradise. Surely we can find something else to fixate on.

7. When Your Inner Monologue Is Gold

Carly's reactions to paradise are always amazing.

Images: ABC (screenshot)