7 Reasons Drake Needs To Perform At The 2015 VMAs

I’ve recently come to a great realization. I think I may be in love with Drake. It’s cool, I know he's rumored to be with Serena Williams now. All I’m saying is, if he ever finds himself single again, he can hit me up. So, yes, I do hope that Drake performs at the 2015 VMAs. Yes, I know that he's not on the performers list, but Kanye West is receiving the Video Vanguard Award this year, and since he's collaborated with Drake in the past, there's a chance he'll pop up.

It’s freeing that I can now openly admit that I do have an ulterior motive in wanting to see more of the rapper and often. But, my special feelings aside, the dude is talented, and we could use his commanding stage presence at the hyped up event. I promise that has nothing to do with my bias towards him.

The VMAs are usually a time for unforgettable performances. Just think back to Justin Timberlake killing it in 2013, or Beyoncé’s incredible performance from last year. We’re literally still talking about them — and will be forever, if I have anything to do with it. So, it’s not too crazy to want another favorite performer to get his chance to shine in a similarly lasting way. Besides, VMAs viewers are an audience that knows what we want, and he has been in high demand as of late.

Drake absolutely needs to perform at the VMAs and here is why.

1. If You Haven't Noticed, He's Been Doing Pretty Well For Himself Lately

DroppedOTS on YouTube

He's kind of a big deal... just don't ask Meek Mill his opinion on that.

2. His Performances Are Entertaining & Engaging

If you can captivate people via an iPhone video, you've got the whole performer thing in the bag.

3. He's Got A Passionate Fan Base

Give the people what they want!

4. He's Killed It At The VMAs Before

We need some veterans there to show the new kids how it's done.

5. He's Been Around Since Degrassi, & He Deserves A Little Respect

How are you going to be rude enough to not invite Jimmy Brooks himself to perform after we've all grown up with him?!

6. You Don't Want To Beckon "Sad Drake"

GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images

It's a terrible, soul crushing sight to see. Only happy, lively Drakes on my screen, please and thank you. So invite him to sing and rap his heart out.

7. He's Proven That He Can Carry A Whole Show On His Back

Repeat after me: Drake hosted Saturday Night Live and the ESPY Awards. SNL and the ESPYs. Let the man strut his stuff on the VMA stage once more!

So, *Clears throat* *Taps mic* VMA powers that be, can you hear me?