'Reign' Recap: One of Mary's Ladies Dies and Her Wedding to Francis is Called Off

The CW really got into breaking up couples during its Thursday night lineup's fall finales. First (SPOILER ALERT) Delena on The Vampire Diaries and now (another, less all-caps worthy spoiler alert) Francis and Mary on Reign. Last week, Mary gave Francis her virtue, which is a very old timey way of saying "virginity," and they professed their timeless, fairytale kind of love for each other. They were all kinds of determined to be together no matter what the French king wanted and this week, the opportunity presented itself.

With a chance to vie for the throne of England, Mary's contract with France is sealed and the wedding pushed up. The king of France wants to control England and Mary is his chance to get there. This should be great news, you're Queen Catherine and have spent the first half of the season plotting against Mary at every turn. Desperate to save Francis, she finally reveals to Mary the real reason she wants to stop the wedding, appealing to Mary's desire to keep Francis safe. Mary is skeptical, at first, about Nostradamus' gift, but as she investigates his predictions, she starts to believe. When his prediction that one of her ladies in waiting will die comes true, she's 100% sold. Don't worry, you're not going to be upset about the death. It's Aylee and even if you watch the show you're thinking, "Which one is Aylee…?" and only getting to her by process of elimination. In fact, let's just rank how upset fans are likely to be, on a scale of 1-10 with one being joyous and ten being distraught, about each of the fall finale's big "shockers."

Aylee Dies: 3

Or: "Oh, that sucks, but…who is she again?

Catherine Banishes Diane: 4

Or: "Well, she did kind of bring that one on herself after she tried to go behind everyone's back to get Bash on the throne…including Bash."

Francis Stops Caring About What's Best for France: 1

Or: "About freaking time." Unless you were an actual citizen of his country, then it would be a 10 and a "WTF, dude?"

Catherine Commands Diane to Kill Kenna: 5

Or: "Bummer…but Kenna has been such a brat lately, it's hard to care."

Diane Wasn't the One Who Poisoned Kenna's Drink (That Aylee Took Anyway So It's Basically Irrelevant): 6

Or: "Huh?"

The Poison Was Really Planted by the Mystery Kind of Ghost Girl: 7

Or: "Who cares except that this is immensely convoluted."

Mary Calls Off the Wedding to Francis: 10, if you're Team Francis, 1, if you're Team Bash.

It's hard to really be upset about this even if you want Mary with Francis because it was simply too soon for a happily ever after, but it is hard to swallow after she's wanted the union for so long.

Bash Leaves France: 8

Team Francis or Team Bash, you have to at least like the guy as a character.

Mary Leaves France: 10

Or: "…Wait, isn't that intrinsic to the plot? Damn, now I have to Wikipedia if that's historically accurate."

Mary and Bash Leave Together…but Not "Together"…but Francis Might Think They Left "Together": 2

Maybe it's not the best news for anyone whose loyalties are firmly in the Team Francis camp, but you have to appreciate the drama either way.

Image: The CW