Carol's Daughter Launches #BornandMade Initiative To Help Us Celebrate Where We Came From

If you haven't already discovered the beauty brand wonder that is Carol's Daughter, now might be a good time to start paying some attention to it. According to PopSugar, Carol's Daughter launched a #BornandMade initiative to encourage us to celebrate our heritage, and embrace what we were born and made with. And that is a message we can never reinforce too much.

The multicultural beauty company may have amassed a large following and secured a spot in every Target store, but it has humble beginnings back in a tiny kitchen in Brooklyn, New York. Founder Lisa Price's new campaign is meant to honor her beginnings, and encourage all of us to do the same. "Where we're born, what we were made with — whether those are good or bad things — all play into the people that we ultimately become," Price told PopSugar.

So how do you participate in the initiative? Head over to, upload a picture of yourself, then add in text to complete the following sentences:

I am ___

Born in ___

Made With ___

I am ___'s daughter.

You can share your personal journey and pay homage to your roots on social media using the hashtag #BornandMade.

But the initiative goes beyond Instagram. It's also encouraging the public to get involved in their local communities through mentoring organization I Am That Girl, which gives women a place to talk and be themselves.

Carol's Daughter on YouTube

Here are some posts participants have posted on their Instagram accounts:

From Maui, with love.

Sephora representing Queens.

Shoutout to our dads, y'all.

Love all the way from Germany.

This is one time posting a selfie is totally worthwhile.

Images: Courtesy of Born and Made