Women's Equality Day Instagrams From Fashion Insiders That Prove The Industry Is Feminist

The fact that there are still significant obstacles facing gender equality today is a much-discussed topic, but National Women's Equality Day is an occasion to both celebrate the achievements made by past pioneers and the distance that has yet to be crossed by future feminist leaders. This year has seen great strides in gender equality progress, not the least of which includes a honest discussions on many platforms regarding the steps still required to overcome remaining imbalances.

The rhetoric Hillary Clinton began concerning the heretofore disregarded makeup tax and a recently reignited discussion over companies with a notable pay gap are crucial ingredients in the crusade for equality, but this holiday serves as a reminder that this is one fight not yet won. And it seems that the current battlefield is Instagram.

On the morning of August 26, women across the world took to Instagram to demonstrate pride in their gender and remind fellow women to assert their strength as they push forward towards complete egalitarianism. Surprisingly, many of the most moving posts were created by fashion icons and users commenting on the potential of sartorial prowess to influence the movement. Scroll through for the top fashionably-inclined Women's Equality Day posts on Instagram.

1. Amanda de Cadenet's Comments On The Wage Gap

Fashion industry darling Amanda de Cadenet shared a delightfully designed — and incredibly thoughtful — quote on her Instagram regarding the fundamental issues of the gender equality push.

2. Ms. Rose's Artful Appropriation Of Lipstick

Instagram user Ms. Rose's playful post proves that striving for an important cause can be fun as well.

3. Keds' Witty "Run The World" Campaign

Footwear behemoth Keds spearheaded an apt campaign reminding women everywhere that putting one's best foot forward is both a literal and figurative expression.

4. The Superwoman Allusion

If you're under the impression that sporting a frock is un-feminist, perhaps this progressive cartoon will cause you to rethink your beliefs.

5. The Fashion-And-Equality-Through-The-Ages Rendering

Just as fashion has metamorphosed over the ages, so too have the roles women are encouraged to occupy in their careers and personal lives.

Image: keds/Instagram