What Is Dean Geistlinger's Job? He's Not In Show Biz Like The 'Stewarts & Hamiltons'

The stars of the E! reality show Stewarts & Hamiltons are one big show biz family. Patriarch George Hamilton is a legendary actor. Hi ex-wife yet close friend Alana Stewart is an actress that was once married to iconic rock star Rod Stewart. Their children Ashley Hamilton, Kimberly Stewart, and Sean Stewart have dabbled in acting, music, and modeling. Naturally, they all have a lot of famous friends who are in show biz, but Kimberly's bestie Dean Geistlinger is not one of them. So if not show business, what is Dean's job?

Dean may not be an actor, singer, or model, but his job does involve entertaining and making sure people have a good time. It appears that Dean works for a Los Angeles bar called Warwick. It's unclear exactly what Dean's connection is to the bar, although this undated review of Warwick from L.A.-So. Cal Dine-N-Club refers to him as its general manager, so he could potentially be running the show. A few of Dean's Instagram posts reference Warwick, and the only video posted by a YouTube user by the name of Dean Geistlinger is a timelapse of what looks like a revamping of the bar for the summer.

Dean Geistlinger on YouTube

George Hamilton also celebrated his 76th birthday at Warwick earlier this month, so that only seems to further support the idea that Dean is somehow affiliated with the bar. If that is the case, I hope he gave good old George a discount on the soiree. The dude is basically family, after all.

Dean may be making a living in L.A. nightlife these days, but way back when, he had a much closer connection to the business of show. In fact, he had a hand in changing hip hop — and popular music, for that matter — as we know it today.

Dean has often been credited as the person who discovered Eminem. He first met the Real Slim Shady at the 1997 Rap Olympics freestyle event, got his demo, and brought it to Jimmy Iovine at Interscope when he was just an intern. Iovine thought the demo was "clever," as he put it in an interview with Tru Sound. Iovine then gave the demo to Dr. Dre, and the rest, as they say is history.

TruSoundTV on YouTube

Uh, can you say best intern ever or what? Considering Dean's gumption here, it's no surprise that he would move up in the ranks at Interscope, eventually landing a gig in the record label's A&R department, or "Artists and Repertoire" for those of us not in the biz.

Clearly, appearing on Stewarts & Hamiltons enables Dean to now add "Reality TV Star" to his resume, although seeing as how he has confessed his romantic feelings for Kimberly Stewart on the show, which have since gone unrequited, it looks like "Mr. Kimberly Stewart" is really the role he aspires to fill.

Image: dean_dean_dean/Instagram