Who Is Dean Geistlinger Dating? The 'Stewarts & Hamiltons' Star Should Date Someone Like Kimberly Stewart

If you can't get enough reality TV, then there's a good chance you're watching E!'s latest series Stewarts & Hamiltons, which revolves around two very famous families. The cast includes the children of singer Rod Stewart, including Kimberly Stewart, as well as the children of actor George Hamilton, like actor Ashley Hamilton who was in Beethoven's 2nd way back in the day. Both Rod and George have made appearances, too, but most of the focus is on their children. There's actually one cast member who isn't related to either family, but gets a lot of screen time: the intern-turned-assistant who, apparently, made rapper Eminem famous, Dean Geistlinger, who is best friends with Kimberly. If you're an avid watcher of the show, I'm sure you're wondering, "Who is Dean Geistlinger dating?" I mean, why wouldn't you be... That's totally normal...

Well, if you really are wondering about his personal life, it doesn't seem like Dean is currently in a serious relationship or dating anyone — at least based on his social media and his time on the show so far. With that said, he should totally date someone like Kimberly Stewart. You know how on the show they're BFFs, but kind of act like they're in a relationship? Yeah, well, I don't blame Dean, because Kimberly is a catch.

Since these two aren't actually dating, maybe he could end up with someone who's a lot like his best friend. That would be great! Here are a few of Kimberly's great attributes that Dean should absolutely look for in a partner if he's sick of living the single life.

Someone Who Is Fun

As showcased on Stewarts & Hamiltons, Kimberly knows how to have fun. A relationship would be uber boring without a great sense of humor. If you can't have fun with your significant other, what's the point?

Someone Who Is Ambitious

From modeling to working in the fashion industry, Kimberly follows her dreams. Dating someone who is determined, hardworking, and passionate about their career is a real turn on — at least for me, it is.

Someone Who Is Full Of Love

There's no doubt Kimberly loves her family and friends. When it comes to relationships, what's better than someone who is all about love and caring?

Someone Who Is Empowering

Kimberly fights for others and promotes important causes, as you can see above. Why wouldn't you want to be with someone who wants to change the world for the better?

It's no wonder Dean loves being around Kimberly, and if he is out on the dating scene, I think he'd be smart to compare any potential dates to his BFF.

Images: Dean Geistlinger/Instagram