Liz Is Zinged About Austin's Girlfriend On 'Big Brother 17,' But He Should Be The One Receiving Attention

I love a good zing. I can take a good zing. That's why the best part of my summer is when Zingbot enters the Big Brother house and zings all of the houseguests. For Big Brother 17, Zingbot got an upgrade — the Zingbot 9000. And I have to say, the new version did not hold back. Of course, there was one person fans were looking forward to being zinged: Austin, for having a girlfriend outside the house. But it wasn't Austin who was zinged for cheating — instead, Zingbot shifted the "shame" onto Liz for being with a guy who "stinks" and has a girlfriend.

First of all, the single Zingbot is full of animosity — if you know what I mean — which I think caused him to unleash some anger on the houseguests. Zingbot called Julia "less attractive, less intelligent, and less charming" than her sister. Ouch, right? Then Zingbot turned his attention to the man of the hour, Austin. And what did he say? "Will someone please take out the trash. It stinks in here. Oh wait ... It's just Austin!"

Yes, Zingbot called Austin trash (and stinky). But, what about his girlfriend?

Well, it was Liz who took the brunt of the Liztin showmance. Liz's zing was, "Liz, you've become such an important part of Austin's life. Are you more excited to meet his mom, dad, or girlfriend?" Wow, Zingbot. Harsh. Plus, why is Liz getting the worst impact for the relationship? She's the one who came into this house single, remember?

Don't worry; Austin didn't walk away without a little bit of hurt ego. Liz was pissed about the zing, and had a lot to say post-Zingbot. Liz, who says she knew Austin had a girlfriend, claims it is not her problem. Austin tells her that they were going out for 18 months, which Liz says sounds pretty serious. Austin clarifies it was only serious when he was "trying to chase her."

Liz was all of us in her response, calling it so "unattractive." Austin was not happy about the zing, especially because it was going into a very important Veto competition. Personally, I would have liked to see Austin receive more of a zing rather than Liz, but I think the point got across that he is going to have a million zings waiting for him when he leaves the house.

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Images: Cliff Lipson/CBS; Giphy