What Do The Houseguests Think Of Austin & His Girlfriend On 'Big Brother 17'? They Have Some Shade To Throw

The Big Brother house has been buzzing about the romance of the summer — Liz and Austin. I certainly have a lot to say about it. Liz has a lot to say about it. Austin has way too much to say about it. Even Zingbot has a lot to say about it (Zingbot called Austin trash, and asked if Liz was excited to meet his girlfriend). But what do the other Big Brother 17 houseguests think about Liz and Austin's girlfriend? They're the ones living with it, they surely have a lot more to say about it than we possibly could, right?

If you're in the Big Brother house, you probably love to gossip. Gossiping (and loving to gossip) is a huge part of the game, isn't it? And, this type of gossip is not attached to any game talk which is even more delicious to talk about, because Vanessa can't twist your words and use them against you in the future. So, I can't blame the houseguests for putting their two cents in regarding Austin and his (at this point, probably ex) girlfriend.

So, without further ado, let's let the houseguests speak for themselves and tell us what they think about Austin and his philandering ways, shall we?


Interesting take on this Vanessa. "She's got nothing on you" definitely isn't fair to say about someone you don't know (who is also watching her boyfriend cheat on her three times a week).


We all know Julia is not the biggest fan of Austin and Liz, mostly because it doesn't shed the best light on Liz.

Jeff & James

Throwback to Jeff. These two thought that Austin didn't even act like he had a girlfriend while in the house. Let me grab my sunglasses, because it's getting shady in here.


Gotta love Meg's face when she thinks about the possibility of Austin's girlfriend just waiting outside after Austin is evicted. I think we'd all like to see this Meg.


My personal favorite houseguest to comment on the Liz/Austin relationship? Judas. Seems like Judas is anti-Liztin... Interesting.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS