Artist Jessica Siskin Recreates Infamous VMA Ensembles Using Rice Krispies Treats

The MTV Video Music Awards are swiftly approaching, and that means it's time for a little bit of fashion nostalgia for the never dull carpet. If you're remember the years of VMAs past, Jessica Siskin recreated iconic VMA looks for MTV using Rice Krispies treats that are incredible. From Katy Perry and Riff Raff's Britney and Justin inspired ensemble to Lady Gaga's meat dress, VMA fashion knows no bounds, and Siskin and MTV have compiled some of the best to recreate. This isn't her first rodeo though. She recreated Oscar gowns this past year, and she's got some seriously incredible celebrity work on her killer Instagram.

VMA fashion is anything but subtle, and that's what makes it the perfect choice to pull style inspiration from. Whether you're thinking of Amber Rose's barely there draping beads or Macy Gray's walking advertisement dress, Siskin recreates them. The artist has been creating Rice Krispies sculptures for some time now, and it makes sense that MTV reached out considering that pop culture is close to her heart. In an interview with Bib + Tuck, Siskin said, "I'm consistently inspired by pop culture and always trying to think of quirkier ways to address the zeitgeist in krisp form."

For the Video Music Awards, Siskin created Lil' Kim's memorable one shoulder— and one breast— jumpsuit complete with pastel pasty, Miley's recent bear onesie with ears, Gaga's iconic meat dress, and Britney's "I'm A Slave" performance outfit. The creations are crazy detailed, Siskin even went so far as to add the jewels to Britney's fabric belt.

Siskin's creations are incredible, but they're not her first ones. The @MisterKrisp Instagram is full to the brim of incredible Rice Krispies sculptures. Many of them feature of celebrities. So what are some of Siskin's coolest celeb works?

1. 2015 Oscars Best Actress Nominees

Giving the ladies the real Instagram spotlight.

2. Joan Didion's Celine Ad

Fashion + Foodie girl dream.

3. Olaf

Yes, he is totally a celeb.

4. Kim Kardashian-West for Paper Mag

How do you not love this?

5. Rhianna's Grammys Gown

That's a lot of pink Rice Krispies.