Fifth Harmony Channels '90s Models For 'Teen Vogue,' And They Look Oh-So-Fierce

It's no secret that the heyday of the modeling industry came in the '90s with the collection of supermodels known as the Big Six. Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, and Linda Evangelista were all members of this group, and their style was and continues to be iconic. Fifth Harmony's '90s-supermodel-inspired Teen Vogue spread revisits the barefaced and casual style of those fashion icons in the best way. From slouchy jeans and sneakers to fitted dresses and loose jean jackets, the girl group looked effortlessly chic in the incredible spread.

As part of the spread for Teen Vogue each girl discusses their views on beauty and women who they consider beautiful. Each member of the girl power group has different answers that you can check out over at the Teen Vogue site, but the central theme is that beauty should be able pleasing yourself and not reaching for an unrealistic beauty standard.

In her interview, member Lauren says of beauty, “It’s not just about the exterior. There’s a huge misconception from the media that it has to do with your hair or your face or what size you are, but beauty’s so much more than that. It comes from within and shines from within, because if you’re a beautiful person inside, people will automatically see that on the outside as well. It’s about loving yourself and being confident…and having something to share with the world.”

The beauty that Lauren discusses definitely seems to carry into the girls relationships with one another as well. One of the questions I found most interesting was how the girls make one another feel beautiful. These women truly lift one another up in all of their endeavors, and the fact that Teen Vogue chose to emphasize that is one of the best part of the shoot, even more so than the— insane—fashion.

This minimalist shoot that Teen Vogue did with Fifth Harmony is easily one of my favorites from the magazine, and the idea to present photos of the Big Six was an inspired decision by their team. Women of the past working together inspiring women of the present working together isn't just a cool style decision but an awesome homage to females lifting one another up. Plus, the girl power groups of the '90s are making a comeback— think T. Swift's squad— and Fifth Harmony totally have supportive, loving relationships that build their success.

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Though the piece did discuss the ladies' view of beauty, their links to one another featured prominently, and who doesn't love ladies who lift one another up?

Don't forget to check the awesome videos that were during their interview here.