Sasha Obama Steals Malia Obama's Clothes, Proving That The First Daughters Are Just Like Regular Sisters

If you have a sister, you probably understand what it's like to have your clothes stolen from your closet, and realistically, you've probably stolen some of their clothes as well. This also means you can totally relate to these photos of Sasha Obama wearing Malia's dress on the way back from their family vacation, because, hey, the Obama sisters are just like us. Sure, they could buy a new dress for every occasion and have the world's best stylists and personal shoppers at their fingertips, but at the end of the day, they're just two normal sisters who want to borrow what each other is wearing. And I love it.

Returning from the Obamas' trip to Martha's Vineyard, Sasha stepped off the plane wearing her older sister's Tory Burch chambray minidress, pairing it with nude lace-up sandals and a white leather tote. Earlier this summer, Malia wore the minidress with a pair of school girl-esque flats while visiting London. It's not even fair to do a "who wore it better" because A) let's not pit girls against each other like that, and B) they both look so cute.

Malia has become quite the style icon these days, most notably making headlines for wearing a Pro Era shirt while off-duty, a rare departure from her White House sanctioned J.Crew and Tory Burch.

It's no surprise then that Sasha wanted to borrow her sister's adorable dress.

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People are predicting that Malia Obama will become quite the influencer once her father is out of the White House and she has more freedom to express herself through clothes — she already wears a healthy mix of affordable, trendy brands like ASOS and Topshop.

We're actually pretty fond of the denim dress Malia wore when she got off the plane from Martha's Vineyard, too. If we were Sasha, that dress would be next on our list of clothes to steal, errrr borrow, from her older sister.

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