'Empire' Adds Serayah As A Season 2 Series Regular, So What Trouble Will Tiana Get Up To Now?

One of the best parts about the delicious first season of Empire was all of the complex characters the cycled through the show at a breakneck pace. Everyone, from the assistants (hi, Porsha!) to the romantic entanglements, business associates, and enemies, was almost always fully fleshed out with their own agendas. One of the best characters to pop in and out of the show was easily Tiana (played by Serayah, no last name), who had an on-and-off relationship with Hakeem. In a fantastic piece of Empire Season 2 casting news, she'll be around a lot more often when the show returns. According to Deadline, FOX has just added Serayah as an Empire Season 2 regular.

Of course, no one could possibly top Empire's Cookie (Taraji P. Henson), but Becky (Gabourey Sidibe), Olivia (Raven-Symoné), and, especially, Tiana are right up there. It's a smart move as well. Tiana was already an interesting character with different relationships across the Lyon family — plus, she can sing like a champion. Having her on board full time will open up a whole new realm of plot possibilties. In anticipation of her dominating the next season, here are the seven plots Tiana could tackle in Empire Season 2.

1. Hook Back Up With Hakeem

She and Hakeem had chemistry in spades. I can't imagine them being at the same record label, possibly even recording more songs together, and not hooking back up. Then again, she seemed very happy with her girlfriend, and Hakeem didn't always treat her well, so their romance might not be revisited. It's a toss-up at this point.

2. Go Head To Head With Camilla

We all know that we have not seen the last of Camilla. My guess is that she'll return on the scene the second Hakeem and Tiana get serious, just in time to mess things up and fight for her man.

3. Side With Cookie

Will Cookie hang around Empire Entertainment forever? I'm not so sure. She could easily start her own record label (she obviously has the chops), and sign Tiana as her headline artist.

4. Team Up With Becky

Lets face it. We need way more Becky this season, and this show needs more women supporting women. These two are a great place to start. Let's have these two ladies start a friendship and basically take over the world.

5. Cause Some Baby Drama

Now, I'm not saying they should add another baby into the show, because it is far too early for that. But a pregnancy scare? Some questions about paternity? Debate about what to do? Oh yeah, that all seems very in line with Empire.

6. Continue Her India Relationship

Sure, this probably wouldn't go over too well with Hakeem, but Tiana has shown that she is equally attracted to men and women. She could easily continue her relationship with India while trying to build her music career.

7. More Singing

No matter what she does, or who she is with, there is no question that she will be singing more fantastic music along with everyone else on the show.

The best (and craziest) part about Empire is that pretty much nothing is off limits. I'm excited to see what direction they take Tiana in next season.

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