"Pendulum" By FKA Twigs Is The Most Stylish Music Video Of 2015 (Sorry Beyonce)

The VMAs are calling and although they're supposed to be all about music, I'm really just in it for the style. With all the incredible videos nominated, in my eyes there is only one most stylish music video nominee. Of course, Beyoncé's "DIY" video for "7/11" was full of awesome looks (only Bey could make a "kale" sweatshirt iconic) — but this time, she doesn't take the proverbial cake. Another amazing female artist is busy proving herself.

FKA Twigs is nothing short of genius. Her video for "Pendulum", released in January 2015, is sleek and beautiful and full of highly emotional symbolic value. Plus, it includes gorgeous styling like you've never seen before. Not only is FKA Twigs a unique, genre-bending singer and dancer, but she also directed the video. As Nicki Minaj explained in her Tweets after her and Bey were snubbed for "Feelin' Myself" nominations (seriously, not a single one), "Black women are highly influential in pop culture and rarely are they ever rewarded for it." Well, FKA deserves serious props.

Even though most stylish video isn't actually a VMA category, FKA Twigs' video for "Pendulum" is so extraordinarily smart, well-curated, and unlike anything else up for nomination — let's hope credit is given where it's due this time. Take a look at some of the most effortlessly stylish moments in Twigs' 2015 video, and keep those fingers crossed with me for her on Sunday, August 30, at the MTV VMAs.

1. Her Outfits Are Simple, But Chicer

She makes three outfit changes. Only. Three. One outfit change is just plain nude bralette/panty duo and somehow every look in this video is still so next-level. How? I'm not sure. But I am obsessed.

2. Her Baby Hairs Alone Slay

Twigs is queen of celebrating the beauty in baby hairs. Hold your applause and tears, if possible.

3. She Accessorizes Like A Goddess

Sometimes focusing on accessorizing over styling pays off — it certainly does for FKA Twigs. She has always been one to pick cool jewelry and fierce nails over glamorous outfits. In "Pendulum" where the majority of her looks are covered by a hair harness, her septum and earrings choices are everything.

4. Her Braids Are Used As Bondage And It's Both Deep And Visually Stunning

A true multi-media artist, no decision made by Twigs is without value. She told Rolling Stone, "Using my own hair [as a bondage harness] represents me at one time being suspended and held back by my own fears." This Japanese-style bondage made from her braids, called shibari, holds deep emotional weight for the singer — perhaps even referencing the racist attacks constantly made against her on Twitter, and how emotionally taxing it has become. A beautiful message that translates stylistically.

5. Nail Game Strong

Basically the two most important qualities in claws.

6. She Basically Devolves Into Plasma

Metaphorically speaking, I believe in this scene she dematerializes into her digital persona, leaving the humanly world behind, as many seem to do in this era of social media obsession. Literally speaking, I have no idea what's really happening, but she has become metallic and sparkly and it looks too good.

7. She Glows It Up Like No Other

Her makeup and skin game is otherworldly. She has mastered the Art of The Glow — and also green eyeshadow, apparently.

8. Metallic Fringe. It's A Thing.

Alien Babe Chic: The New Hot Look For Fall. JK, but something about this metallic fringe ensemble makes me want to wear it on pretty much every occasion: to job interviews, baby showers, while dancing it out on a digital vortex. Typical girl things.

Images: FKA Twigs/YouTube