FKA Twigs' "Pendulum" Video is Pretty Impressive

by Kenya Foy

Up until very recently, I didn't know much about FKA Twigs except for the fact that she's an English singer-songwriter with perfectly sculpted baby hair who managed to ruffle the feathers of many a Twihard because she's also Robert Pattinson's girlfriend. However, I must credit the ongoing expansion of my musical awareness to FKA Twigs' new video for her song "Pendulum." After watching it in awe a few times in a row, I feel like she's close to dethroning MIA as the reigning queen of awesomely weird videos.

Now don't get me wrong — I'm still a die-hard fan of M.I.A.'s strangely intriguing videos like "Double Trouble," despite its side effects of subtle dizziness and confusion, but FKA Twigs' self-directed visual for "Pendulum" represents weirdness at its finest. The video opens with a close-up shot of the singer's septum piercing, which is a neat view, but it gets even better once it becomes clear that she's hanging by her hair without even flinching. It's a pretty impressive feat, which makes me feel like a shameful wimp for all the times I've surrendered during comb-to-hair combat. Expertly creating the perfect messy bun is nothing compared to what FKA Twigs has up her sleeve.

Seeing her hanging there by hair, and presumably some extra-strength extensions, is almost enough to induce a headache but it's kept at bay by her serene voice and facial expressions. And just when I thought she couldn't impress me any more, she morphs into some cool CGI stuff that's similar to Janet Jackson and Busta Rhymes' "What's It Gonna Be?" video, which she follows up with some great choreography.

If it isn't obvious by now, FKA Twigs totally just gained a new fan. Now I completely see why RPatz loves her. Check out FKA Twigs' "Pendulum" video below: