When Is Ariana Grande's New Single Coming Out? "Focus On Me" Could Be Just Around The Corner

Arianators around the world want to know: When is Ariana Grande's new single coming out? Excellent question! The 22-year-old singer has been hyping her new song, "Focus On Me," on Twitter this week, even hinting that it could premiere sooner than we think. Understandably, this revelation has sent her fans into a tailspin. But, before everybody get too excited, it's important to remember that pop stars often define the word "soon" much differently than you and I do. For example, when your friends say they're swinging by to pick you up "soon," they probably mean "within the next few minutes." When pop stars say they're releasing new music "soon," they probably mean "within the next few weeks"... but they might mean "within the next few months." Yikes.

Fortunately, however, it looks as though Grande has been working on her new album, Moonlight , for almost a year now, so I really do think we're close to hearing its lead offering. Will Grande debut "Focus On Me" at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday? Another excellent question! It's definitely a possibility. She doesn't have a tour show that day, so, in theory, she's available. Additionally, MTV is set to announce the final VMA performer on Thursday, and the silhouette they've been using in promo spots looks suspiciously like her...

See what I mean? Check out a handful of Grande's recent Twitter teases below.

Meanwhile, fans are getting pretty amped/restless waiting for "Focus On Me" to drop... and it's hilarious:

One person even cooked up this amazing (but totally fake) snippet of the track and put it on YouTube:

Flawless. If the real "Focus On Me" is even half as good as this 18-second masterpiece, I'll be totally and completely slayed. (Juuust kidding.)

Stay tuned for more info.

Image: MTV