Michael Fassbender In 'Macbeth' Poster Quickly Proves He's The Scariest Macbeth Of Them All — PHOTO

Michael Fassbender is the very definition of versatile: from Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre to a trouble-making android in Prometheus to Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic about the legendary Apple creator, Fassbender has proven he is a true chameleon. The latest role Fassbender will disappear into is Macbeth, and in the first Macbeth poster, Fassbender is the scariest Macbeth ever. As Shakespeare's murderous general turned king, the 38-year-old looks ready to kill his way to the top thanks to some truly epic war paint and a scowl that would strike fear into the heart of The Rock himself.

Directed by Justin Kurze, who is also helming Assassin's Creed with Fassbender, the movie looks to be keeping Macbeth grounded in terms of language and setting, but the first-time feature film director is getting ambitious in terms of cinematography. His stylistic choices shine through in the newly released one-sheet that features an extreme closeup of Fassbender in all of his mad king glory. The whole poster screams this Macbeth is not a man to be trifled with. He's clearly out for all of the blood — yes, all of it. The question remains, is Fassbender the scariest Macbeth ever? Allow me to present evidence in the form of the poster itself.

The War Paint

Fassbender can be straight up scary without war paint smeared across his face, but add the black streaks and suddenly the man looks like he is going raiding with no regrets. That is the face of a man who wants to win at any cost. I want to move my desk chair over just to stay out of his line of sight.

The Piercing Sideways Glance

Notice Fassbender is looking away from the camera, and yet the intensity of his stare is still off the charts chilling. I imagine the photographer's direction was basically, "Please do not turn your mad Macbeth gaze my way, because I'm slightly afraid it will turn me into a pile of dust."

The Open Head Wound

So what if his head is clearly covered in dirt and the blood of his enemies? Macbeth does not get infections when Fassbender is playing him. Infections are like, "Whoa, that dude will punch germs in the face, I better not."

"All Hail" Is Not A Request

Flawless tagline is flawless, because it is clear on Fassbender's face that he is not asking to be hailed — he is demanding it. Kneel before your king, mere mortals. Macbeth is your ruler now.

But What About The Other Macbeths?

All of your arguments are invalid. Sir Ian McKellen, Peter O'Toole, Orson Welles — all iconic actors who owned the role, but none of them are as intensely scary as Fassbender is in both the poster and the teaser. The man is growling each line as if madness is creeping upon him with every breath he takes. It's insane, perfect, and just this side of alarming. Shakespeare just got a whole lot sexier and (somehow) even darker. Check out the teaser below.

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Fassbender will be terrifying you in theaters as Macbeth Fall 2015. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

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