The Michael Fassbender 'MacBeth' Trailer Is Terrifyingly Amazing & These 9 Moments Prove It

We all know that Michael Fassbender is a sinfully amazing actor, and the new trailer for Macbeth confirms that fact. Based on the the world renowned Shakespearean tragedy, Macbeth is the story of of a Scottish general who after receiving a prophecy, murders the King of Scotland and takes the throne for himself. Basically, it's Game of Thrones on fleek. Plus, Fassbender isn't the only reason why the film is a must-see. Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard stars as Lady Macbeth, the woman who spurs on Macbeth's traitorous actions. This is Shakespeare for the 21st Century and I can barely contain myself.

The trailer is beautifully dark and gory; it's as if director Justin Kurzel wants the audience to descend into madness right along with Macbeth. As the story goes, Macbeth's actions make him so guilty that he begins killing for sport. He can't even enjoy his new kingly position, because he's paranoid that someone will rise against him. In an attempt to combat that, he becomes a tyrannical ruler, constantly shedding blood to maintain order.

Macbeth is one of those films that is going to appeal to GoT lovers and Shakespeare lovers alike. From the incredible acting, to the gruesome battles, the trailer is packed full of jaw-dropping moments. The movie is set to premiere in the fall but until then, here are nine murderous moments from the trailer to tide you over.

1. It's Basically Game Of Thrones

I swear this looks just like Jon Snow's battle with the White Walkers. Whomever Macbeth is fighting, I'm definitely here for it.

2. The Witches Who Prophesize Macbeth's Reign

In the Shakespeare play, a trio witches tell Macbeth that he will one day be King of Scotland. It looks as if there are four grown women and a little girl who appear to him in the film. I'm not sure if they're the witches in the story, but I certainly wouldn't have taken any advice from them.

3. Lady Macbeth is in On the Scheming

In the play, Macbeth sends word to Lady Macbeth about the witches' prophecy. However, in the trailer it looks like Lady Macbeth may have been in on it from the beginning. She's praying to a shrine of some sort in the middle of nowhere. This doesn't bode well for anyone involved.

4. Macbeth & The King of Scotland Were BFFs

No wonder he was so wracked with guilt: Macbeth had to kill a man who he considered his friend. Look how trusting poor King Duncan seems.

5. Midnight Murder

It's rather cowardice to slit someone's throat in their sleep don't you think? Apparently, Macbeth has no qualms about it, because he slips in the King's bedchambers with his knife.

6. All Hail King Macbeth

Macbeth gets his crown but he doesn't seem all that pleased about it. All that guilt seems to be eating at him and even Lady Macbeth can't seem to comfort him.

7. Blood On His Hands

In Shakespeare's play, Lady Macbeth's descent into madness is caused in part because of her hallucinates of blood on her hands. In the trailer, it looks like Macbeth is having that same issue.

8. Hunting Down Innocents

Apparently, Macbeth has some Ramsey Snow in him. He's sent his men to hunt down this woman and her children. Power and greed really are terrible things.

9. More War

War usually leads to more war, I'm not quite sure why no one has figured that out yet. Nonetheless, in order to hang on to his precious throne, Macbeth has to continue going into battle. I'm not sure why he wanted to be King in the first place.

By the time this film comes out I will be in full Game of Thrones withdrawal and this definitely looks like it's going to be all the therapy I need.

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