7 Of Nessa's Best Makeup Looks On Instagram To Prepare Us For Her VMAs Pre Show Look

If you don't know who Girl Code's Nessa is, then you probably haven't heard of MTV either because you live in a cave, in the depths of the wilderness, far away from the likes of New York radio stations and silly things like Jersey Shore. For her most recent gig, Nessa will be hosting the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards' pre-show with fellow Girl Code cast members Awkwafina and Carly Aquilino, where we'll be sure to see some amazing Nessa makeup looks too.

Her career is pretty impressive already, considering she's a radio personality for Hot 97 as well. From her time interviewing celebrities on YouTube, the host has landed herself not just one job, not just two jobs, but more than three different hosting gigs for MTV. She's ALSO worked on Real World After Show, Teen Mom, and Snookie and JWoww.

Nessa's role on the show Girl Code has arguably gained her a strong female fan base, as watchers of the show love her especially insightful advice on men. Her Instagram is also full of stunning selfies as well as snapshots into her seemingly incredibly fun life. Another reason to love Nessa outside of her one-liners, however, is her artistry when it comes to makeup skills. I drool over her selfies constantly, not just because of her beautiful features, but because of how beautifully she's applied her eyeshadow. It's seriously impressive, guys, so check out some of my favorite looks from the star below.

1. Subtle Shades Of Pink

This selfie with Rita Ora has so much more to offer than a winning smile, like some perfectly applied lip gloss matched with a subtle eye shadow to highlight her natural beauty as well.

2. Smoky Eye

Her stunning smoky eye makes me reconsider how dark I make my own. Just because it's smoky doesn't mean it has to look like charcoal, after all.

3. Vintage Beauty

I know she says in the caption of this image that an MUA created this look, but honestly? Who cares that she didn't do it herself? This red lip and long lash look is truly beautiful.

4. A Powerful Purple Pout

I'm pretty sure Nessa can pull off any lipstick shade, am I right?

5. Bringing Back Lip Gloss

It's 2015 and I has assumed lip gloss was long since dead, but this look is a true resurrection. A nude glossy lip matched with warmer nude tones gives Nessa a warm glow, too.

6. Stripped Back

This look is so laid back and subtle that it really highlights Nessa's natural beauty regardless of the amount of makeup she's wearing.

7. Pretty In Pink

I'm just going to assume that Nessa thinks pink lips really suit her, and she's absolutely right.

Here's hoping Nessa breaks out all the skills for the VMAs pre-show. I want to see a smoky eye, a purple lip, and vintage vibes all in one.