7 Trends Andie Walsh Predicted In 1986

by Natalie Rivera

Being a devoted John Hughes fan isn’t easy, especially when it comes to our relationship with Andie Walsh from the 1986 classic Pretty in Pink . Let me explain: The temptation to recreate almost every outfit worn by the likes of Demi Moore, Ally Sheedy, and the rest of Hughes' rat pack royalty is almost impossible to ignore, personally putting me at risk of recreating the ‘80s in an age of techie Millennial fashion. There is one ‘80s fashion trailblazer who predicted some of today’s most admired trends, though, and the crazy thing is that we probably haven't even notice her influence: Andie.

Molly Ringwald’s (‘80s teen superstar and everyone’s favorite redhead) Andie has style that blends in two very distinct looks: Thrifty and New Wave. Her thrifting, matching, and sewing skills are clearly demonstrated in every outfit she puts together in Pretty in Pink, and the opening credits scene (where Andie matches dangling earrings with white laced ankle boots) should be an accomplishment under any fashionista’s eye.

Though being fashionable today means experimenting with Kylie Jenner-esque red carpet dresses and Rihanna inspired beach wear, some of us ‘90s (and, of course, ‘80s kids) are still sporting the occasional blazer and Ray Bans, singing along to New Order and The Smiths. Andie Walsh made this possible, which is why I've compiled a list of seven trends inspired by the classic character. Don’t be surprised when you recognize some of these items in your own closet.

1. Peter Pan Collars And Lace Combos

We can probably give Zooey Deschanel credit for bringing back the adorkable Peter Pan collar, but really it was Andie who was behind what I like to call, “The great collar comeback.”

Whether she’s wearing a laced collar while daydreaming at her after school job or matching a grandma-esque collar with a vintage brooch (I'll get to those later), Andie’s Peter Pan collar game was spot on, encouraging many of us to search for that grade school uniform top that might now be a size too small. Now we can match the classic collar with anything from skinny jeans to pleated skirts, and still make an outfit look vintage but modern.

2. Floral Print On Everything (Especially Leggings)

Oh, the florals. Pretty in Pink was practically a garden of floral prints. I’m pretty sure someone can create a scrapbook of all the different types of flowers Andie wears.

Though Andie’s closet consisted of floral print vests, skirts, and socks, her go-to floral print staple was that pair of leggings. The way she matched those leggings with her favorite laced white ankle boots was just too much to handle. I mean, how was she not applying to fashion schools or receiving sartorial scholarships left to right?

Floral leggings are pretty easy to find in 2015, but a true gem would be finding a vintage pair similar to Andie’s. Whether you match them with a white long sleeve blouse for work or a crop top, Andie-like floral leggings should be your next shopping mission.

3. Hats With Every Outfit

Duckie Dale may have been the king of fedoras (and the friend zone) but Andie was the queen of fashion and bowler hats.

Andie’s hat collection consisted of pieces of millinery you’d find in any episode of Blossom, often worn with a pair of mismatched earrings and pink lips. Though Andie’s favorite hat was a solid black one, her pink blush outfits balanced the boyish look with traditional femininity. It's a look that can always be recreated no matter what year it is.

4. Cardigan Power

Cardigans (particularly oversized ones) made a major comeback in the past five years, which is why any and every cardigan in Pretty in Pink should be noticed. The cardigan power is definitely almighty in this film, and though some of them might look grandma-ish, they are still too adorable to ignore.

5. New Wave Blazers For Every Occasion

Duran Duran and Miami Vice made this menswear staple a must-have in the ‘80s, but it was the women of the era who made the gentleman blazer a look for everyone.

Blazers were a favorite of the New Wave era. Synth artists would sometimes add patches and pins for a more punk feel, while women, like Andie, would pair them off with bangles, earrings, and skirts. Today, blazers are often linked to slacks and heels for folks on the go, but who says you can’t relive those rebellious high school years with a nice blazer and Docs?

6. Side Hairdos For Short Hair

Though Andie’s hair was often squeezed into a good ole’ bowler hat, when she did try something with her hair, she’d often experiment with the ‘80s favorite: The side ponytail. Though Andie only really had maybe six inches of locks, her side ponytail attempt was a win for short haired girls everywhere.

7. Florals And Brooches: A Match Made In Heaven

I already gave florals their much deserved praise, but it’s their second-half, brooches, that make florals even more irresistible. Brooches and floral prints go better together than Andie and Blane do (see what I did there?), which is why Andie Walsh is the ultimate trend-starter. She makes two very vintage-y accessories blend naturally without looking like you just raided your grandmother’s closet. And isn't that always the goal?

Images: Paramount Pictures; Giphy