Liztin Isn't The First 'BB' Cheating Scandal

Well, well, well. Judas really lived up to his name with the whole betrayal thing, didn't he? Leave it to Zingbot to re-ignite the conversation we all needed to have; Austin may be cheating on his girlfriend with Liz. This season's showmance — with the exception of the now extinct Clelli — has been quite controversial. Why? Because Austin wasn't single going into Big Brother 17 , and now he has officially asked Liz to be his girlfriend. So let's do the math: one girlfriend outside Big Brother, and one girlfriend inside Big Brother equals? Two girlfriends. That's what it equals, Austin. With all this controversy, you might be wondering if Austin and Liz are the first cheaters on Big Brother.

Austin and Liz are not the first cheaters in the Big Brother house, and chances are, they won't be the last couple. In fact, they join a bit of a Big Brother International Cheaters Club, yes, it's gone global. So who else has cheated while inside the Big Brother house?

Let's take a walk down cheaters' memory lane (sans Cheaters host Joey Greco) and remember who is considered a member of the Big Brother International Cheaters Club.

Austin & Liz, Big Brother 17

Inducted in 2015. According to Austin, he's not cheating... although he told Jace that he wasn't interested in Liz because he HAS A GIRLFRIEND. Logistics, right?

Will & Shannon, Big Brother 2

Inducted in 2001. Shannon entered the house with a boyfriend. Similar to Austin, Shannon also claimed that they left on "uncertain footing" (according to NY Daily News) before she entered the house.

Lawson & Cat, Big Brother Australia

Inducted in 2014. Lawson and Cat are our international representation, because cheating knows no boundaries. According to Perth Now, Lawson had a long-term girlfriend outside the Big Brother house, but had an "affair" with Cat. They even tried to make it work after Big Brother.

Christine & Cody, Big Brother 16

Inducted, never. Even though people were quick to judge Christine for "cheating" on her husband, these two were never anything more than friends. Sure, there was friendly touching, but Christine received an unnecessary amount of shame for her relationship with Cody. (Meanwhile, Cody got off scot-free.) These two are not members of the Big Brother International Cheaters Club.

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Images: Screengrab/CBS