Austin & Liz Are Official On 'Big Brother 17'

Because they are a trainwreck that just keeps wrecking (yeah, I said it), it appears that Austin and Liz are now dating on Big Brother 17. As in, Austin asked Liz on a date inside the house and, during said date, Austin asked Liz to be his girlfriend, and she said yes. Now, in Liz's defense, she did take a few minutes to ask the pro wrestler about the fact that, you know, he has a girlfriend outside of the Big Brother house. However, he assured her that the relationship was over, and Liz gleefully accepted the offer to walk around the house with the title of Austin's Girlfriend. He even made plans to move out to L.A. to be with her. Awwww, right? Um, wrong. Because you may have noticed, like I noticed, that Austin has been in the Big Brother house since the start of the summer, with no contact with his girlfriend whatsoever. Exactly when did Austin break up with his girlfriend?

According to him, he and his girlfriend broke up the very first time he kissed Liz. (Oh, really, Austin?) By that, I assume that he meant that his girlfriend watching at home should have seen the kiss and known that it meant that their relationship was over. It's exactly things like that that make Austin and Liz's relationship so hard for me to swallow or even accept as a legitimate thing.

The fact that Austin couldn't wait until he got out of the Big Brother house, put some space between himself and Liz, and could have a mature conversation with his girlfriend about the (lack of) future of their relationship just makes his courtship of Liz incredibly shady. And the fact that Liz isn't stopping to consider how she would feel if her boyfriend broke up with her by making out with another girl on camera and talking constantly about how he's suddenly done with her is also shady. Sorry, Liztin, but I will never be a fan. Especially since Liz brought up this same point herself, before Austin talked his way out of that roadblock.

There you have it, folks. Austin and Jen are done-zo, because Austin has made it pretty clear that he's super into Liz despite what he said about having a girlfriend coming into the house, and everyone not in the Big Brother house just has to deal with it. Especially Jen. Seriously, I am so Team Jen right now that I might start making t-shirts. However, Liztin seems to have won over the rest of the house now that they've made things official. In particular, my home girl Julia has, unfortunately, decided to support her sister's life choices in making Austin her boyfriend.

I mean, from a twin sister stand point, I can see why Julia would be happy. Having Austin and Liz be an official couple has certainly got to be better than watching Liz run around the house making eyes at, and making out with, a guy that they both know has a girlfriend outside of the house. This is probably the best thing that could have happened to Julia — well, besides Liz and Austin deciding to stop making out in front of her, of course. Whether or not Austin and Liz will actually last outside of the house still remains to be seen, but this is a joyous moment for anyone out there who loves this showmance as much as, well, Liz and Austin do.

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Image: CBS