The 'O.C.' House Is For Sale, But It Sadly Doesn't Come With Ryan Atwood In The Poolhouse — PHOTOS

I could almost hear the sweet strains of Phantom Planet's "California" when I heard the following news: The Cohens' house from The O.C. is for sale IRL and I need to own it immediately. That's right. The very place where Seth Cohen, Kirsten Cohen, Ryan Atwood, and Sandy Cohen's eyebrows lived on one of the greatest teen shows ever created (fight me) is on the market for a cool $6.25 million, and it is (almost) just as blissful as you remember.

The Trulia listing describes The Cohen home as boasting six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and "incredible whitewater, ocean and sunset views ... situated on approx. 4 acres." It also has "a 6 camera security system, fantastic office/library, formal dining area, along with fireplaces in the master bedroom, living, and family rooms." Um, not to mention it spent four seasons as the centerpiece for the Seth/Ryan bromance, which is really its biggest selling point if I'm being honest here.

For the record, the house was actually just used for the exterior shots of the Cohen home and is located in Malibu rather than Newport Beach.

Besides the fact that the straight-up mansion is more luxurious than anything I could ever hope to afford in my lifetime, the house is also missing the four best things about it: the O.C. characters and their perfectly imperfect character traits. You know, the things that really made the house a home.

Seth Cohen & His Quirkiness

The biggest perk of living in the Cohens' house (in addition to the mere presence of Ryan Atwood, obviously) would clearly be witty, Chrismukkah-having Seth and his penchant for making all nerds (and their adorably quirky attitudes and hobbies) hot as hell. So the fact that this house actually comes complete without him — well, that property value should plummet.

Ryan Atwood In The Poolhouse

^ Accurate depiction of my reaction wondering where in the hell Ryan Atwood is in this home. Because really, what good family home is complete without a smokin' hot bad boy from Chino living in your poolhouse?

Kirsten Cohen's Hilarious Lack Of Kitchen Skills

OK, so the "top-of-the-line appliances" the kitchen is apparently already rocking may have been able to turn Kirsten Cohen into a legit chef, but you better believe that the Malibu house won't actually come with her warmth and undying love for her family.

Sandy Cohen's Eyebrows

Let's be real: Sandy Cohen's eyebrows were such an integral part of The O.C.they were basically their own character. And though they are so majestically #onfleek that they'd need their own bedroom, this six-bedroom whopper of a home can certainly fit 'em.

Obviously, the house isn't going to come equipped with some of the most important characters on 'The O.C.' But hey, a girl can dream, right?

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