Watch These Old Women Give Advice On How To Live Your Best Life — VIDEO

Our definition of stress has widely evolved over time, mostly because the stressors themselves have changed drastically. Even in the course of a generation, today's young adults are dealing with all sorts of unique pressures that the young adults before us couldn't have anticipated — living up to the impossible standards of social media, navigating a minefield of unemployment, and trying to reconcile the very millennial desire to Win At Everything with their desire to settle down, just to name a few. But although the stressors have shifted, the lesson to be learned from them hasn't, and that is exactly why this Sanctuary video features old women giving advice to this generation on how to "Relax, Breathe, and #LetGo."

Ignoring the slight sadness of the fact that it takes a hashtag to drill this very important message through our Gen Y brains, this video is hugely important not just for our generation to watch, but every human being. We are all of us united by this mind-set that we have to be constantly moving, constantly improving, and constantly evolving, that we forget to take stock of and appreciate the little moments in between. This video was prompted by Sanctuary's recent survey of women in the U.K., which indicated that near half of them were feeling moderate to extreme stress, and that a whopping 40 percent of them felt like they would soon "burn out." Well, if you're one of the people who falls in that category, then I strongly encourage you to take the next few minutes to watch these old women dole out the advice we all desperately need to hear:

Savor The Little Moments

Practice Gratitude In Every Day Things

Let Go


Watch the full video here, because there is never a time we don't need to be reminded of everything these women have to say:

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