'The Vampire Diaries' Damon & Elena Drama Could Lead to These 5 Possible Relationships

Sorry, everyone, The CW and The Vampire Diaries don't care about your feelings and the fact that you were emotionally invested in the success of Damon and Elena's relationship. (Even though we know you were secretly rooting for and still invested in her relationship with Stefan from two seasons ago.) On Thursday night's midseason finale, "Delena" supporters were dealt a painful blow when Damon called it quits in his usual, self-sacrificing way. Just when we were coming to terms with Katherine and Stefan rekindling their ancient, dusty flame (except not really at all), The Vampire Diaries put all the possibilities back on the table in terms of their everlasting game of Musical Chairs: Relationship Style.

The show will be on hiatus following Thursday night's heartbreaking episode until Jan. 23, but we can't help ourselves from wondering what relationship fate awaits the residents of Mystic Falls in the second half of the season. Because we're obviously as emotionally invested in their love lives as you are. P.S. — Can someone tell me why Elena is always burning things?

Damon & Elena

Sure, he just broke up with her and it might be a little soon to assume they could get back together after that, but anything can happen. If we know Elena, she'll go to the ends of the Earth to prove to Damon that he's worthy of her love because she always does that. The thing about Damon is that no matter how much we support Stefan and Elena getting back together, we can't help but root for him. Especially after seeing him tear up talking about how he's terrible for Elena and he's never going to change and be better. We really can't blame Elena for wanting to prove to him that he's worthy.

Stefan & Elena

Let's face it — they're soul mates and if this series ever does come to an end and they don't end up together, angry fans and Caroline Forbes will descend on Mystic Falls and burn the town to the ground. Stefan did end up being the one to save Elena from the creepy Augustine lair — as usual because he always happens to turn up and be her savior. There will always be a little something between them. Even Katherine proved she knew it when she asked Stefan if he could ever look at her the same way he looks at Elena. Elena broke his heart and he still wants her back — maybe it's the doppelgänger curse or maybe it's just true love and they need to accept it.

Stefan & Katherine

They did rekindle their flame, but the truth of the matter is that Katherine is dying. She's 500-years-old, it's starting to catch up to her, and judging by the preview, her days are numbered. The other factor in this is that Katherine's done some really shitty things to Stefan, Damon, and pretty much every other person on the show. (Which they will commiserate about while she lays on her deathbed on the Jan. 23, 2014 100th episode of the show.) Can Stefan forgive her for that and everything else she's done to hurt the people in his life? Is Katherine capable of redemption? No one seems sure, not even Stefan, who still has a soft spot for her — which we know is actually a result of the doppelgänger curse.

Matt & Katherine

On Thursday night's episode, Katherine employed Matt as her personal trainer to try to reverse a tiny bit of her rapid aging. Matt's got a soft spot for girls with bad attitudes that need help (see also: his sister Vicky, Rebekah, Elena, Caroline, his mom, etc...) so if someone miraculously finds a way to save the rapidly decomposing Katherine, there's always the possibility of her linking up with Matt. However, he did have a threesome with Rebekah and Katherine's daughter, Nadia, while he was abroad over the summer — that could make things kind of weird.

Elena & Aaron

I mean, they have things in common. It wouldn't be that weird that two people (well, one person and one vampire) with ties to the Augustine research could bond over the crazy, mad science of their relatives, and the fact that all of those relatives also happen to be dead. They'd definitely have a lot to talk about and if they worked together, they could probably take down Augustine entirely — they are the heirs to the research, after all.

Image: The CW