Summer Roberts Is All of Us On A Bad Date

By Kaitlin Reilly

If I had to pick a singular reason to tell someone to watch The O.C. , it would be for the ridiculously adorable relationship between Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts. (Sorry, Marissa and Ryan, but your roller coaster romance just wasn't nearly as cute to watch.) Ultimately, these two were made for one another: they may have dabbled in dating definitely-wrong-for-them people like Anna and Zach, but, at the end of the day, this couple was completely and utterly inevitable. That's great news for Summer, because being one-half of an endgame couple meant one thing: no awkward first dates.

That's not to say that Summer wouldn't know how to navigate even the worst first dates. Her guy Seth may think he's the master of snark, but no one knows how to work the sass quite as well as the petite brunette. Sure, she looks all doe-eyed and innocent, but make no mistake: Summer could cut anyone down with just one quip — which is sometimes necessary when a date isn't exactly going as one would have hoped. In fact, O.C. fans may be able to borrow some of Summer's expertise in this area whenever they are out on terrible first dates of their very own.

Here are all the times that Summer was you on a terrible first date:

1. When You're Trying (And Failing) To Make Small Talk

You're not sure how birds got to be the topic of conversation, but, well, here's your opinion on them.

2. When Your Date Suggests You Guys Order Dessert First To Be "Spontaneous"

For some reason, your Tinder date is trying really, really hard to behave like a Zooey Deschanel character, but you're craving the fettuccine way too much to put up with it.

3. When You Give Yourself A Pep Talk After Realizing That Your Date Doesn't Look Like Their Photos

And boy, are you looking.

4. When Your Date Keeps Hinting That They Have Better Wine At Their Place Than The Restaurant Does

Because, real talk: if this is a ploy to get you to come back to their place after dinner, it's not subtle and it's not happening.

5. When Your Date Says Something Ridiculously Offensive And Then Laughs Like It Was A Joke

Uh... just because you say "just kidding" doesn't make what you said OK. At all.

6. When Your Date Takes You To The Dive-iest Of Dive Bars

If there weren't bartenders working, you'd think that this place was abandoned. Also, did you just see a rat scurry across the floor? Oh my God, you did. You totally did.

7. When You Tell Your Date You Have To Bail Because You Have To Get Up Really Early

More like "sorry not sorry," and the only thing you actually have to get up for tomorrow is to remember how hellish this date was.

Worst comes to worst, you can always tell your date that you have to go because they're definitely not the Seth Cohen to your Summer Roberts. Don't settle for anything less, people!

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy (6); theladypendragon/Tumblr