Tommy Hilfiger Is Not A Fan Of Today's Tennis Clothes & Here’s Why

With the U.S. Open tennis championships starting next week, it was only appropriate that Tommy Hilfiger set up a tennis court in the middle of Bryant Park on Tuesday, and set up Rafael Nadal to play on it, who, by the way, is the new brand ambassador. Still, Tommy Hilfiger says he isn't a fan of today's tennis clothes, according to The Cut, and much prefers the tennis wear from yesteryear.

This was definitely a match to watch, though, because Nadal, Chanel Iman, Akin Akman, and more played a game of strip tennis. Well, that's a sure way to heat things up. The honor is his, according to Nadal, who told The New York Times , "I feel lucky to have the chance to be the ambassador of such a great brand as Tommy Hilfiger,” he said. “I don’t think much, I don’t pay much attention if I’m the backdrop of the newspaper.” Don't worry, Nadal, our eyes are all on you.

But what is it about the marriage of fashion and tennis, that seem to go together hand in hand? With the rise of athleisure and the massive takeover of the white tennis shoe (heads up to Stan Smiths and Puma's Match Lo), it seems like tennis has, and does still, have a huge influence on fashion. It's not uncommon to see a white pleated skirt in a store window, or a man wearing a tennis shirt on a particularly hot day.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On this inevitable bond between the two, Mr. Hilfiger tells The Cut, "Because it’s one-on-one, it’s not one team against another, the challenge is quite competitive. Serena [Williams] is out there on her own, playing someone who is trying very hard to beat her, and it’s a lot of tension, a lot of effort. A lot of training goes into it, a lot of mental [drive] goes into it, so it’s an exciting sport.” And who doesn't love a good competition?

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Though fashion and tennis do go hand in hand, Mr. Hilfiger isn't so pleased with the tennis clothes of today: "I think the clothes could be much better. I really do. I think the clothes were incredible in the '80s, when Fila did the striped shirts, and McEnroe and all these guys were wearing really cool tennis clothes,” he told The Cut.

While all we have left of the tennis clothes of the '80s are nostalgia, there are definitely some cool pieces out there — take a look, below. Definitely wouldn't mind rocking these pieces to a match!

1. The Trendy Dress

Adidas Stella McCartney Barricade Dress NY, $120,

Guys, this is a Stella McCartney tennis dress. Count me in.

2. The Mini

Nike Victory - Breathe Dri-FIT Tennis Skirt, $60,

Sorry, Tommy, but I love this.

3. The Colorful Tank

Puma Mesh It Up Layer Tank Top, $35,

10/10 would wear. Also, forget the courts, I'd wear this shopping or to a casual lunch.

4. The Printed Dress

Nike Fall Premier Dress, $80,

This dress would make me want to work out.

5. Stylish Wristbands

Nike Dri-Fit Camo Singlewide Wristbands, $10,

Totally crazy for camo. Plus, you'll have an advantage over your opponent, with you know, disappearing wrists.

6. The Sickest Shoe

Nike Zoom Cage 2 Women's Tennis Shoe, $120,

*Eye heart emoji* everywhere.

7. Matching Separates

JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Rally Tennis Tank Shirts, $69.99,

This sport was built on matching separates, so naturally, I'm all for it.

8. The Classic White Skirt

Trina Turk Racquet Club Jacquard Tennis Skirt, $78,

Trina Turk always gets it right, and tennis wear is no exception. Clean, simple, and classic.

9. The Modern Print

JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Tennis Skort, $69.99,

Love, love, love this graphic print that keeps this tennis skirt looking modern and fresh.

Image: Courtesy of Brands