Aaron Tveit Finally Gets Twitter, Thirsty Musical Theater Nerds Everywhere Rejoice

I'm alive, I'm alive, I am SO alive, and I'll tell you the truth if you let me try: Aaron Tveit is on Twitter, guys. This is not a drill. If you were also just instantly blinded by your own tears upon hearing this news, I'll give you a second to recuperate. OK, second's over — COMMENCE INTERNET-WIDE MUSICAL THEATER NERD FREAKOUT, because Twitter just became 110 percent more of a magical place now that the Wait For Tveit is over at last.

He's only been on the Twitter-sphere for less than 24 hours, but already has amassed over 12,000 followers (are we universally calling ourselves Tveiter Tots yet? I'll be disappointed if we aren't), and is using the platform to tease at some exciting news that will supposedly drop at some point today. It's casual, Aaron, it's not like I have a life or a job or intersections to watch for walk signals at. I'll just be here with the rest of the fangirls and boys with my eyes glued to the screen, waiting for you to inevitably tweet out that you've decided to write/star in a one man show called "I'm Basically Just Doing My Performance At 54 Below Every Day For The Rest Of My Life (This Time With More Taylor Swift!!!)". Because that's what the news is, right? (A girl can dream.)

In any case, we obviously have to immortalize the brilliant dork fest of this first tweet:

And be united in the stress sauce of waiting for whatever THIS is about, which he retweeted immediately after:

For those of you who DIDN'T spend six months using the Catch Me If You Can soundtrack as your running playlist (and crying because you didn't see this show live), that's a line from "Stuck Together/Strange But True," which his character, Frank Jr., sings with Hanratty at the end of the musical. Is it too much to hope for a Catch Me If You Can movie version of the musical?? (And if it is happening, can I be Girl In The Background Of That One Airport Scene #5?)

Well, regardless of what's going on, here's a hearty welcome to Twitter for you, Aaron. And to get you started, here are a few humans you need to follow ASAP:

Laura Benanti

I'm sure he will be following her within the next few hours, if he hasn't already. Aside from the fact that this women has the voice of a freaking angel human and kicks ass as Sadie on Nashville, she is basically a Twitter master, and we should all be scrolling down our feeds and learning from her infinite wisdom.

Anna Kendrick

I don't have to explain this one, right?

Sensitive Enjolras

If it looks like I'm pimping my own Les Mis parody Twitter, it's because I am, and I'm not here for your judgment, internet. DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE TWEET?! Tweeting the song of followmebackonTwitterAaronyouwon'tregretit.

*Ahem*. My work here is done.