Kourtney Kardashian Possibly Leaving 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Might Actually Be A Good Thing

Everyone hold out your hand, because I'm about to put a bunch of grains of salt in it for you to take this piece of news with, but there are rumors out there that Kourtney Kardashian is leaving Keeping Up With The Kardashians . I know, I know. Today, they're specifically coming from Radar Online, which claims that this decision has been a long time coming for Kourtney, but has been spurred by the drama with Scott Disick of late. According to the report, she is allegedly considering (even they aren't pretending that she's actually decided yet) taking her leave in the wake of her breakup with Disick earlier this year. I think this could actually be a great thing for Kourtney, but first, let's check out this rumor.

According to "a KUWTK insider," "Kourtney has wanted to leave reality television for some time now, and does not plan on resigning onto another contract once this one is up." Uh-huh, I'm sure. That's why her family just extended their contract. (Bustle reached out to Kourtney and her team for a confirmation that she was considering leaving the show, but did not receive a response by the time of publication.) But OK, just take some of those grains of salt I gave you earlier, and check out how Kourtney is supposedly behaving while she allegedly looks for a loophole in her contract that would release her from the obligation of appearing on E!'s popular series:

Meanwhile, she has told the producers at E! that she will refuse to film if Scott is on the show. Kourtney told the producers that they basically have to choose between keeping Scott on and having her continue on.

Does anyone think that E! is going to choose Lord Disick over Kourtney, a true Kardashian and the rightful heir to a spot on this show? No, but please, tell me more:

She does not want to talk about the breakup on the show. She knows that they want to make this into another plot for the upcoming season, but she is not willing to compromise on this.

Oh man. Radar's source can't even keep his or her story straight about whether Kourtney's staying or going, which makes me even more convinced that this is all a ruse. But! The more I think about Kourtney leaving the show, the more I think it might actually be a good idea. Not because I don't love her and she isn't my favorite member of that family, but because I do and she so is. It's just that throughout everything else the Kardashian-Jenner family has been through, Kourtney has always seemed the member who's the most down-to-earth and brutally honest, not to mention least likely to exploit her personal life for show gains. And as one of her many fans, I'd love to keep it that way instead of watching her turn into a different person before our very eyes.

For basically the entire run of the show so far, we've known Kourtney as the solid, dependable half of a long-term relationship. We've seen her as a loving, competent mother, and watched her refuse to get pulled into the drama of the rest of the family. She's proven she has a really good head on her shoulders, so if she ever wanted to take a leave of absence from KUWTK to get her life together and figure out where she is and what she wants out of the public eye and away from Disick, I would resoundingly endorse that.

But either way, we'll have to wait for Kourtney to make that decision and announcement for herself instead of reading about it in the magazines. That's my girl.

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